Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who's in the finale?

Ryan said he was welcoming us to American Idol, but for the first 15 minutes I was confused, because the only thing resembling American Idol at all were the 4 very bored contestants watching a "Super 8" movie in a room. They said "Super 8" 867 times. Actually, I don't know that for sure, because after the first 73 times, we fast forwarded the rest. That got us to the :15 spot on our TiVo line.

At that point, we witnessed Haley's underwhelming visit home (that, however, didn't stop her from hogging EVERY single camera moment). That was followed by the dullest Ford music video ever.

Then, the Jonas Brothers' Italian exchange students sang. They were 10 trillion times better than any of the "idols."

Scotty's hometown visit was so sweet and emotional. What a nice kid.

We fast forwarded someone whose name I don't recall. For those who were watching (or fast forwarding), she was wearing feathers around her waist and little else. They said she was singing with 50 Cent, so as soon I saw him show up on stage, I stopped the fast forwarding to watch him a little and Boop! He was gone. That was the quickest celebrity rap star cameo I've ever seen.

Really, we started this show around 8:40 and by 9pm, we had caught up and were done. Behold the power of TiVo!

Lauren's hometown visit was genuine and emotional, too. She and Scotty are such good kids.

So, yesterday, I said I didn't care who left. Well, I changed my mind tonight while watching the hometown visits. The juxtaposition of the three made it easy.

Ryan brought out all 3 on stage where Haley's mouth was dropped open in dawning realization as she thought, "Oh shoot. They had lots of people at their hometown visits. Is that why they showed mine first? Oh crap. Well, that security guard bit with the tissues? That was funny, right?" Then, with a sideways glance at the other two, "Oh no. They're nice and stuff. I'm so screwed."

And sure enough, ding dong, Haley's gone!

I'm happy for the top 2. They seem sweet and nice. Haley seems insincere and way too full of herself. Even our 11-year-old said, "When she talks, she seems like she's reading a script."

Good riddance, Haley. Even J Lo's wind machine could not blow away your arrogant airs. Haley reminds me of girls I didn't like in high school. And that just doesn't make for pleasant TV viewing.

So, bring on the country finale. Two teenagers. Wouldn't it be cute if they both made it big and got married and had country-singing babies?


Robynne said...

Once again, AI is nothing but a promotion machine for other venues - music videos, books, and now movies...good grief! However LOST was one of my favorite series ever, so I enjoyed watching J.J. Abrams (LOST'S executive producer) in his newest endeavor!

After seeing the hometown visits I know exactly why they showed them AFTER the votes were cast...they were just trying to give Haley a very small chance with some creative editing and help from her enormous body guard (did you notice Scotty's body guard was about 5'5" and 125 pounds while Haley had that giant??)...but it DIDN'T work. Unfortunately we have seen through Haley and it's not pretty. Notice they didn't even say it was close, and they definitely would have if it had been. Too bad Haley, you are very talented but the attitude takes all that away from you.

I adored Scotty's hometown visit, he is just such a great kid! I loved when Josh Turner surprised him, that was awesome!

I really enjoyed that cute Italian group, Il Volo or whatever, they were adorable!

Again with the nasty, UN-family friendly artists (or should I say porn stars?)...good grief, get some self-respect! Major fast-forwarding action...

Watching Lauren Alaina's audition the other night reminded me that I REALLY liked her back then - she has just not come close to *that girl* since she's been on the show. She may have a very successful career if she can find that again.

But of course, I'm voting for Scotty - how nice to have an Idol who's record I might actually buy! :) (And thank heavens the end is near!)

Dr. Mark said...

When you consider how little time was spent on the actual contestants it's really sad--the exact opposite of Steven's "beautiful" things.

Haley started out with very little confidence, then developed way too much confidence, and then turned that confidence into cockiness. Another NOT beautiful thing.

Chelle said...

I can't believe it's the down to the top 2 already, but then again, I haven't been watching so time has passed quicker for me than for those who are enduring. I hope I remember to watch the finale.

Did Haley fall while she was singing?

I kind of wish I had watched just to see the home town visits. I think those give additional insight to the contestants.

I didn't know about the Kimmel segments on Steven Tyler. It might have been worth staying up for.

Once again, thanks for the recap!

terahreu said...

Yup, Haley was a sour puss and her days have finally come to an end. It's too bad. She was good. But no one likes to watch someone who knows their good. The decision was easy.

Can't wait for next week. I will be in London and have to hide under a rock before someone gives the surprise away. Can I avoid the news for 5 days? Wish me luck!

Boquinha said...

Agreed, Robynne. I really, REALLY like Scotty. He has grown on me big time. What a great kid. Too bad they gave him such lousy "finale" songs. I don't think he'll win but even if he did, his first single would sort of flop, unfortunately. I really dislike how much of a hand the producers have in manipulating the show. I feel so violated! :P

Mark, agreed!!

Rachelle, you haven't missed much. Yes, Haley fell, but she did recover well. The home town visits really did give insight to them. I don't think Haley is well liked in general and I noticed that she didn't even seem to have any close friends either. Sad.

The Kimmel clips are on YouTube - so funny.

Terah, enjoy London!! Wow. Amazing to me that you've been all over the world, but not London yet. Can't wait to hear all about it!