Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Thing 1!

For those of you paying attention at all, you know that Thing 1's birthday was a while ago. Like, it was in April. I wrote the post in August. This is November. Can you tell I'm behind? I just thought I'd better get this post up before she turns 13. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. She is 12. I can hardly believe it myself.

Good morning from a fantastic dog.

As with any birthday in our house, it started with breakfast in bed. Eggs in circle toast with hot chocolate. That fluff ball in the foreground is Scout, hoping there will be toast and egg left for her.

For some reason birthdays this year seem to be plagued by illness. I took Thing 1 to the local coffee house to pick up her chocolate shake, panini, and popcorn.

Present time!

Hey, it's Thing 2! He wasn't feeling well on that day, but he was a good sport and tried to go along with the festivities.

Thing 1 and her "cake"--chocolate peanut butter cookies

The girls eating dinner--Portuguese chicken and rice

* * * * * * * * * *

As you probably know by now, our birthday parties are well-planned, themed affairs. This year Thing 1 wanted to do a roller skating party with a bunch of her friends. She had an absolute blast!

Look at me! I'm 12!

So many great friends!

Mommy's friends were all there, too! Yes, the Johnsons came from CT and Kellie brought her nieces from NJ, just for the party. Amy came from the next county over--her effort was still greatly appreciated! ;)

Hold still! We need more pictures!

And another one . . .

Getting ready for the relay race

More staged, spontaneous pictures

Two Things we love!

There were lots of supportive parents there.

Thing 1 really wanted the Reese's ice cream cake from Friendly's. Thank you for picking such an awesome cake! There was also a Thin Mint ice cream cake--thank you again!

We made these poor kids wait for their ice cream just so we could get these pictures. 
They all survived.

Kellie's nieces Braylynn and Brietta hung out at our house for a while before heading back to NJ. It was fun to get some extra time for our well-traveled guests.

Another year has passed and our sweet daughter is still as wonderful as ever. Happy Birthday (seven months after the fact). We love you!


Boquinha said...

Seven months after the fact? I just had some palpitations. That means she's turning 13 very soon!! Wow!

Hands down, one of the EASIEST parties ever. And fun, too!

So cool that so many came from different states to celebrate. Very, very cool.

Happy belated birthday, Thing 1!

And hey, check it out. We're POSTING. Happy November, everyone! :P

Jimmy said...

What a great party! I like how you thank her for picking those cakes. They sound delicious.

Emily Foley said...

This is an awesome post, I love it! That party looks AWESOME, as does all the food. You guys have very good friends. Also...I can't believe how grown up she looks. Whoa.

Chelle said...

I loved skating parties as a kid. Those pictures sure brought back some memories. Just wish I could grab a couple bites of cake.

Happy Birthday Kate! You are beautiful!