Sunday, November 18, 2012

Look Out, World!

Presenting THREE new black belts . . .

Thing 1, Mark, Thing 2

On November 15th (this past Thursday), my husband and kids were awarded and presented with black belts for all their hard work these past 2+ years. I am SUPER proud of them. 

Besides the obvious impressive achievement of these three, one of the coolest aspects of the day was that Jim drove all the way down here from Massachusetts just to be here with us for this presentation. That. Means. So. Much. To. Us.

Know why? Well, because it just does. And because Jim is awesome and loves us and we love him. But also because of stuff like this:

That is a special row of black chairs set up and reserved just for family members of those receiving black belts. I think that if I had had to sit there by myself, it would've put me in a funk for days. But I didn't have to sit there by myself.

Because Jim came to be with me
and to help support Mark and the kids in their achievements.

That's why.

Here are pictures of Mark and the kids being presented with their black belts:

Thing 2 receives his black belt

Thing 1 right after receiving her black belt

Mark receives his black belt
In the above picture, you can see Master Gladwell, the owner of the studio, tying the black belt on himself before tying it on Mark. He did this with the kids as well. They hadn't done that with any of the other belt presentations leading up to this one, so he explained that they were taking part in an over-2,000 year tradition symbolizing the passing of knowledge from master to student.

Master Gladwell reads the wording on a special certificate
This part was a neat surprise. After all the belts were presented and, as customary, the new black belts had been asked to say a few words to everyone (see video below), the Master of the studio presented a special certificate to me and Mark for supporting and encouraging our kids in their goals and pursuits and achievements. That was a nice touch!
Thing 2 and Sean
Thing 2 posed for a picture with his buddy in the class. Sean had just earned his green belt!

Mark, Thing 2, Thing 1, and Sa Bom Nim Derr
It really is special that they were all able to test together with their super cool teacher. Here we have three new black belts and one new 4th-degree black belt. Way to go!

Here is the video of their belt presentations (I started taping right after they called out Thing 2's name and he responded with a nice, loud "Yes, Sir!") and speeches - yes, Jim and I both got choked up:

It was a great morning, made even more special by Jim's presence. We are doing Tae Kwon Do at all thanks to him and we're even signed up for two more years, also thanks to him. He was so kind to take us out for a celebratory lunch afterward, too! He is a great guy and I don't know why we're so lucky to be on the receiving end of his love and generosity, but we don't take that for granted. We love him and wish he lived closer.

Jim and his buddy Max (who was really sad when Jim had to leave)

Scout was sad, too - she moped all day.

Jim and the kids!

Jim with Mark and the kids - 3 new black belts!
Thank you, Jim, for coming all the way down here for a 10-minute event. It was even more special because you were there. And congratulations to the three new black belts in our house!!


Dr. Mark said...

Stacy, thank you for all of your support. We couldn't have done it without you looking out for us. And a big thanks to Jim for coming down. It was awesome to have someone else in the family there to be a part of everything.

Jimmy said...

That is awesome! Congratulations to all three. Jim- you know I kind of like that guy. Maybe it's the name.

J Fo said...

Congrats guys! That is a lot of hard word. Very cool to be able to do it together.