Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Dog Scout

Our little furry friend has been in our lives for just over 3 years, and I know you've seen and heard a lot about her, but it's way past time to do a post all about Scout. We have lots of great pictures and videos so it seems a shame not to share. Stacy wrote a great post all about the reasons why we didn't want a dog, and then she proceeded to introduce Scout. I feel like life with Scout has been filled with contradictions and complications, but she is so sweet and wonderful that it makes it all worth it.

Looking back over the blog we've talked a lot about her, but here's a post just for Scout. And like new parents, we have A LOT of things to share. Just don't call us the dog's mommy or daddy!

Scout's "baby" picture
One VERY happy puppy
(and a couple of happy Things)

A boy and his dog

Scout's always liked hiding under things.
What a cute puppy!

Not a fan of the snow, deep or otherwise

Sleeping in Thing 1's lap

Scout loves her girl

Lest you think she's always sweet and cuddly . . .

She's also always been a little skittish . . .

She just got a haircut and wondered who the strange dog was in our kitchen.

One of Scout's favorite things is to be with us, wherever that is. She likes to hang out at work.

. . . and at the beach . . .

. . . even if she's NOT a fan of the water.

She's super cute in her snow gear . . .

. . . but has a problem with the snow, too.

Scout loves to go bye-bye.

She is a wonderful companion, whether we're cooking in the kitchen . . .

. . . on the couch sick . . .

. . . or just wanting to have a nice conversation.

She likes to celebrate holidays like Halloween. . .

. . . her birthday . . .

. . . and Christmas.

She really likes to rip the paper apart.

She also likes tearing her presents apart.

Scout has friends come over to play, but those puppies are very active! Scout still has a lot of pep, but sometimes it seems like the puppy spunkiness is not quite as strong.

Lennon and Scout

Scout and Jane

For all the great videos and pictures we have of Scout, there is no way to really capture how great Scout is. She is a fantastic cuddle buddy. She will bark at us if we don't have a blanket for her to sit on while we're watching TV or a movie. She especially loves to cuddle with Stacy. She will sit next to me on the couch, but if Stacy walks over Scout will immediately go to her. 

She still wants a treat every time she goes potty outside. She's 3. It's like letting a 20-year-old pick a toy from the reward jar for peeing. We're OK with it.

Scout loves to eat human food. She will eventually eat kibble, but only after she's absolutely sure there is no way any table scraps will find their way to her bowl. Usually nothing will trump going bye-bye, but there was a time that I had to run an errand while everyone was still eating. It pained her to stay behind, but I guess the reward was greater at the dinner table.

OK, I can't resist. This dog is so awesome and cute that I've got to post a bunch more pictures. I'm not biased at all!

And two more videos. She's such an active puppy, and a stinker, too!


The Magic Violinist said...

Scout is so cute and sweet! :D I love the pictures and videos we have of her. She looks so tiny in the early pictures and videos! Her bark was so puppy-like and high pitched back then!

Boquinha said...

Oh, how I LOVE this dog. I never, not in a million years, EVER thought I'd feel the way I do about a dog. She is wonderful. I love coming home to her and cuddling with her and playing with her. I love how intuitive she is about our feelings. I love how much of a stinker she can be. She has TONS of personality (dogality?) and is so, so, so wonderful.

Even though I REALLY didn't want a dog, I'm sooooooooooo happy we got her. She complicates our life, but I adore her so much!!

Boquinha said...

Oh! Forgot to mention . . .

"She still wants a treat every time she goes potty outside. She's 3. It's like letting a 20-year-old pick a toy from the reward jar for peeing."

HILARIOUS! That made me laugh out loud. Nice one.

Emily Foley said...

CUTE swimming suit, Stacy!

I never was a dog fan but after hanging out with my Aunt's dog in Denver I might have changed my mind.

J Fo said...

LOVE her! I want to just cuddle and squeeze her. Love a spunky little dog. Love her little snow outfit.