Wednesday, April 27, 2011

15 Random Thoughts


Folded laundry this week with my family.
We've never really discussed how we'd do this task.
We all just pitch in and do it.
I thought of that as we folded together and smiled.


This made me think of how Mark and I never really discussed
how we'd function as a couple and family.
We didn't hammer out specifics and divvy up responsibilities.
He has just always treated me well and genuinely,
so by natural extension, things work out at home.
And I'm grateful.


My SIL Emily is on a trip to Paris!
Her father not only helped her with her ticket,
but drove 10 hours to her new home in another state
(she just moved)
to watch the kids for 10 days for her
since her husband is new at his job.
Um, wow.

I'm so excited to hear about her trip when she returns!


There is something so happy about a dog's wagging tail.
Seeing Scout's tail wagging happily brings smiles to all our faces.


Jimmy told me this week that
Steve Perry (of Journey fame) is Portuguese.
I can't remember if I knew that, but it was cool to hear!

From wikipedia:
Born in Hanford, California, Perry is of Portuguese heritage (his parents are from the Azores islands of Portugal). Perry grew up interested in music, as his father, Ray Pereira (who later changed his last name to Perry), was a vocalist.

I used to love the song "Oh Sherry."


We just realized that it's been almost 10 years since medical school graduation
and our student loans are higher now than when Mark graduated.
(And yes, we're paying them).
Damn interest.


This was after reading an article that said
that people average $24,000 in student loans.
They called those student loans the "anti-dowry." Nice.
So if ours are about 6 times as much,
what would be the name for that?


Thing 1 is getting used to her orthodontic work.
It's been a learning process -- figuring out how to chew and talk
with those things in your mouth.
They're called Twin Blocks.
A year of that and then braces.


Thing 2 is having a labial frenectomy done soon.
(You can see pictures here, but beware, they're not for the squeamish).
His is growing down between his 2 front teeth and separating them,
so they're going to clip it.
This stuff just tears at you as a mom. :(


On a happier note,
Thing 2 had his first baseball game yesterday and it was
SO MUCH FUN to watch.
The kids on the teams are SO cute in their uniforms.
And our Thing 2 is very athletic.
(And so cute in his uniform!)
Pictures to come.


Thing 1 is on a Track and Field team
and is really enjoying that.
It's especially fun that she gets to run track with friends.
She also has another violin recital coming up.
She plays beautifully.
Carnegie, here we come!


I love, love, love our kids' ages.
All ages are great for different reasons.
I am REALLY enjoying them and their friends
and their activities.
I sincerely enjoy being with my kids.
They are fantastic people.


I'm pretty Internet savvy and I love computer technology,
but I am technologically resistant to new gadgets
like mp3 players and digital cameras and cell phones.
It's a love-hate thing with that stuff.


I surprised Mark with something really cool.
He gets to spend a weekend working side by side
with an award-winning chef from Mexico
learning the ins and outs of Mexican cooking (his favorite)!
It is SUCH a neat class and it's hosted at a local B&B.

We couldn't make an overnight weekend of it
(I asked my Mom to come down and watch the kids, but it didn't work out)
but I do get to join him for dinner at least
thanks to some friends of ours.
We are really excited!


When I was little, my uncle woke me up in the night,
I got dressed up, and we watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles marry
while we had tea and crumpets.
Now, Prince William and Kate Middleton are marrying in 2 days.
Are YOU watching the royal wedding?



Lindsay said...

I am not getting up for the Royal Wedding. Sleep is more important to me these days...okay, all days!
When you were talking about folding laundry, it made me think how much I hate folding it! Scott will sit and help me when he isn't studying, though! So that is nice. Ada helps me unfold it!
Student loans....payback time here we come!!

J Fo said...

Yay for orthodontics, and millions of fun hobbies. Kate is on the verge of the tweens and that is crazy!

Not too interested in the Royal wedding, but that memory does sound magical.

Dr. Mark said...

If on Thursday Scout has a night like she did last night, I'll be up for the Royal Wedding.

Thank you for not mentioning how in Thing 2's game I beaned two kids while pitching to them.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying our kids as well. They are fantastic and a lot of fun.

Chelle said...

FUN thoughts! It's nice to know what you've been thinking lately.

Brita had a frenectomy done a couple months ago and I was surprised by how simple it was. Has he been wearing a retainer? Hope it goes well. It definitely is the kind of stuff you don't want your kids to have to go through. I'm considering getting that "thing" (great medical term, huh? I could ask Jared but I'm too tired to yell downstairs right now) clipped under Meg's tongue. Wish they had caught it when she was first born--it could have saved a lot of heartache! Hard to know what to do sometimes.

I love getting updates on your kids. I love how proud you are of them and how you love being with them.

Don't even get me started on the student loan stuff. Ugh.

Love your surprise to Mark. I hope he writes a killer post about it after it's over.

Not super interested in the wedding. But I may watch the highlights on the internet, depending on what's going on for me that day. Are YOU watching?

The Magic Violinist said...

Those pictures of the orthodontic thing Thing 2 is going to have done were GROSS. (Shiver) :P

Jimmy said...

I hadn't realized that Mexican food is Mark's favorite. Now you guys HAVE to come to Albuquerque. HAVE TO!

Boquinha said...

Linds, little kids excel at unfolding.

Jess, she is and yet is sweet as ever.

LOL, Mark.

Rachelle, THANK YOU for telling me that. It's good to hear. He hasn't been wearing a retainer. He has plenty of space in his mouth and our dentist is hoping that by doing this, it will avoid having to do orthodontic work (his eye teeth are growing in so they can just push his front two teeth together). Our orthodontist suggests we wait, do orthodontic work first, and then snip it (something about possible scar tissue) -- but OF COURSE he's going to say, that, right? UGH. What's up with Meg's? Is it causing problems?

As for student loans, vent away. I'd love to hear your thoughts. We should write a book together about it.

Mark says he's going to write a post about it, so I'm excited to read it, too!

TMV, I know. Ugh.

Jimmy, yep, he LOVES it. Living in AZ and eating authentic Mexican food was AWESOME. We would love to visit NM and try the green chili stuff. And now Dave and Em are there, too. Bonus!

katie said...

It does rip your heart apart to send your child off with the doc to unknown surgery land...but, my little L. never ceases to amaze me how fast he recovers. I bet your little guy will be up and at 'em again before the day is over. Good Luck!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Katie. Talking about it on your blog helped me, too. You really put my mind at ease. Today's the appointment. I don't know if they're just consulting or actually doing it today. Hoping it all goes well.

the emily said...

I know, my dad is amazing, right?

I missed the wedding (Paris day 2) but I have it recorded for future viewing.

I love your family, and your love for your family. IT's so sweet.

I HATE student loans.