Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Idol

Dear Idol Producers,

You don't like us, do you? Why on earth would you bring back the contestants who have been voted off to sing for us again? They're not on the show anymore because we didn't like them.

And tonight? They sucked.

I like Paul, but he shouldn't sing in groups. Also, could you buy him a new suit?

And Naima needs a sedative. Stat.

Tonight's show could've been 60 minutes long instead of 90. Ditch the stupid group number by people we didn't want to hear anyway and shorten the show.

An Idol Viewer


Scotty - He sang in two octaves and it was weird. I didn't love it and I thought it was boring. If Jimmy things this will make me vote for him, Jimmy is wrong. All the contestants hugged Scotty since he was the first recipient of any criticism all season.

James - He has a nice voice and is a talented guy. He's dramatic and should be doing something along the lines of opera rock like Queen, though I will say he's not as good as Adam Lambert. Steven said that he's "Mad Max meets Storm Troopers at Melrose Place" and that he's moving in a "T. Rex direction." I really don't have anything to add to that.

(Did anyone else hear Ryan say that Randy threw down the "goblet?" Someone needs to go back to school).

Haley - We all know I'm not a Haley fan (nor a fan of any of the girls or Stefano), but I have to say that I loved her duet with Casey this past week. Loved it. And this Adele song tonight was a good song choice for her voice. The blues work for her and, quite honestly, this is the only song that has stayed with me from the whole evening. And I think she looked cute, too.

Jacob - He wore a shiny suit and sang a Luther song and it was very touching. Very, very moving. Randy decided to choose that moment to contradict himself by asking Jacob to "let loose" despite the fact that previously he had asked Jacob to do less of that and instead to "be more controlled" and now he wants him to "let loose" again. Sometimes I think the judges are schizophrenic.

Casey - He sang Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe." I love Maroon 5 and while he did a good job, I don't think it was quite as good as the judges said and I generally prefer his jazz stuff. He should stick with jazz. That being said, I want to give him props for dressing better for his rehearsals, surprising us week after week (if he's not going to stick with jazz, at least he surprises us), and kissing TMBWITW. I love his voice and his guts and love that he flustered Jennifer Lopez. Steven let out a gigantic tirade of swears and I love that he obliviously didn't even notice he did it.

Apparently, the Idol producers thought it would be cute for everyone to dress up as Dwight Schrute's cousin Mose Schrute (thank you, Mark). Oh, and Ryan admitted that he's not a man. He's such a dweeb.

Stefano - He's STILL here? Good god, make it stop! The contestants told us that he's flirty and smarmy and then he got on stage and showed us just how smarmy he is and I felt disgusting. I have never liked guys like that and have always found it extremely unattractive. Just gross. It was terrible, terrible singing and he work a pinky ring. Yuck. Here's a little math lesson for all of us tonight: Frenetic + Leering ≠A Good Combination. This guy is staying way too long.

Lauren - Why did she close the show? When she finishes singing (at any point in the show), I already can't remember what she sounds like. She's not at all unique and every time the judges talk to her, I feel like I'm at work. It's like sitting in on a group therapy session or intervention. Not exactly exciting television.

To sum up, tonight was boring and none of them were all that great.

Going home: Stefano, because he sucks and he's gross.


Dr. Mark said...

I hate this time of year on Idol, where we get filler and stupidity just to sell a few more ads. Oh, and also so we can see all the people Fox has placed in the audience. They know me well--I now want to watch all of Fox's programming because I see the pretty TV people after being lulled into a hypnotic state by the walking dead that were this week's performers.

Yeah, boring sums it up.

And if Stefano doesn't go home this week I pity next week's viewing audience, especially those with even a hint of Estrogen. You'll have to suffer through his version of "What Women Want," without the insightful voice in his head.

Jimmy said...

Boring sums it up. With the exception of TMBWITW, there's not much worth watching. I don't even mind when I miss it.

Robynne said...

Oh Stacy, you are so right!!

I love Scotty but found him boring tonight.

I love that James makes it exciting each week - when they can do anything they really should be making their performances more exciting, and he does it each week. He's not as good as Adam, and I don't think I'd buy his record, but I look forward to him because I know he won't be boring and blah.

I also am NOT a Haley fan, but I admit she sounded good tonight!

Yeah, Randy totally contradicted himself on Jacob - in the past it's been "we don't need to hear that every week, don't overuse it" and now it's "that's who you are, you should be using it every time". Plus whatever happened with his earphone had to make it hard to really get into the emotion of the song...props to him!

I liked Casey as well, he mixes it up each week and surprises us and that's what you have to do to stay fresh and exciting in this competition!

Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Stefano...PLEASE!! He is awful and I cannot believe he is still here. GO HOME!

Lauren was all right, she's got a confidence problem that is really hurting her, and she should fix it soon or she may be going home for that reason alone.

Ugh. It was a bit of a chore for me to watch this week, I guess it's like Mark said - that time of the year when it's filled with junk and people we don't want to see, and we're all kind of waiting to get to the end and see who will still be standing.

Please go home Stefano. :p

J Fo said...

That group number made my ears bleed! Ugh.

The goblet?! Hilarious! I missed that, but it says a lot doesn't it? It just bottles my mind how dumb they can be. ;)

Scotty- boring

James-alright. Pretentious, but better this week than in the past.

Haley- Great song, well done. I'm liking her more and more actually.

Jacob- This was actually the first week that I didn't just hate him. I thought of you with that song.

Casey- I liked how he made it a rock song, and not pop. He really does everything, but I think that people are confused by him.

Stefano-I couldn't even watch it. I literally heard 2 notes and just fast forwarded. Not worth my time. Why is he still here?! The fact that all the other contestants talked about him being a flirt and a lady's man makes me dislike him even more. GROSS is right!

Lauren-Just let her go home and give her a country recording contract. She's ok, but forgettable.

The Magic Violinist said...

Yesterday's Show: Filler, filler, filler, and more filler. Yawn.

Scotty's performance was boring. Not much to say for that one.

James's was good but a little over the top. And what was with the soldiers?!?!

Haley's was good, but I'm a little bored with her. What else is knew?

Jacob's was very god, I thought. He was one of the very few people I voted for. I don't get the judges either.

I also think Casey should stick to jazz.

Seriously, judges? Stefano's was great? I thought he stunk. And then after wards he just kept smiling and smiling like he thought he was so great. I still think he looks constipated when he sings. :P

Lauren's performance was ok. Boring, but ok. I want her to sing Taylor Swift.

PLEASE get rid of Stefano, America! Even Stefano fans can't say that he sounded good.

Chelle said...

I haven't watched Idol for several weeks, so your posts are helping get me caught up. Except I may continue to not watch and will just read your posts...super entertaining AND informative! Even though I haven't watched or listened to him for weeks, I going to be majorly ticked off if Stefano doesn't go home this week!!!

Fun to get caught up on your family. It's amazing how fast our kids are growing up, and I also appreciate the beauty the "awkward years" are bringing out in my oldest.

When I have more time, I'm going to come back to your blog and click on the link to the "harmonious family" article. In my experience, three girls can create quite a bit of disharmony, but when you give them all their own bedrooms things improve drastically. Family relationships, birth order, sibling combinations...I love it all and could read about it forever!

Boquinha said...

Love, love, love all these comments.

And HURRAH! We all got our wish! Did you hear that Stefano has given an interview where he said he didn't really want to win anyway? Bleh. Sour grapes.

Oooh, Rachelle, do it. It's a fun little article. :) Glad the bedroom situation has helped! I want to go over and catch up on your blog now. I read some a while back and have been meaning to comment . . . (same goes for everyone). :P

Chelle said...

Hey, I just realized you didn't mention Stefano's name in tonight's post. Does that mean he got sent home? I'm confused about his interview. Why would someone audition for something they don't want to win?

Boquinha said...

Yep, he did. I'm confused about it, too. Mark thinks it's sour grapes.