Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goodnight, Ladies!

Until tonight, 4 girls had left.

One more joined them tonight.

5 have left and 2 remain.

I could see all of the girls (and Stefano) leave without a problem.

Bottom 3 tonight: Pia, Stefano, and Jacob (his spot rightly belonged to Haley)

Pia leaves.

Shocking, but not really. There are others worse than she. But she has really dragged lately.

Other thoughts from tonight:

Ryan's a dork.

Constantine is hot, but I didn't love that arrangement of "Unchained Melody."

Iggy Pop was disturbingly disgusting and we all felt uncomfortable watching him.

I thought he was going to break a hip up there.

That's all, folks.


Zelia said...

Go Scotty go. I fast forwarded when the naked little old man(who is he?) sang. it was speed up and get rid of him or vomit.

I fel defiled when he came on. Some people need clothe to cover up their sins. It was a sin to look at him. It made me feel like I neede a bath.

Zelia said...

Gosh I really ca't type. Missed a few letters in many words above. Sorry.

Jimmy said...

I'm loving Zelia's comments.

I don't think Pia was supposed to go yet.

Robynne said...

Pia DID NOT deserve to go - absolutely not before Stefano, HALEY, and a few others...I am frustrated!!!

I wish we knew what the votes were for each contestant each week, I think we'd be shocked and surprised!

Am I the only one who sees Haley constantly watching herself in the monitors on elimination nights, and as soon as the camera goes to her she puts this huge fake smile on her face? It's like she can't stop looking at herself. She was also horrible in the group number. Ugh.

I agree about Constantine Stacy! Not the best, but I'm glad it sounds like he's having success on the stage!

Thank you Zelia for a great laugh!! You are absolutely right about the "naked little old man"...I'm laughing as I write it :D are exactly right, he was disgusting! I fast forwarded the whole thing - there are so many things I'd rather do with those 2 minutes, like get a root canal! Yuck!

J Fo said...

Haha! I was also disturbed by Iggy. His face and his body don't really match! Yuck.

Sorry I've been MIA in the Idol comments lately. I feel like I get it all out of my system with our texts. :) (Plus I don't really care that much who goes home...I'm not all that invested this year.)

Boquinha said...

Wow, these are some interesting comments (Mom!). Loving all the Iggy Pop commentary.

Robynne, I can totally hear your voice in your comment -- love it! I get the sense that you don't like Haley? :P Seriously, I see it, too -- the mugging, the horrible singing, the fake smile, YUCK!

Jess, I love the text exchanges, too! I'm not that invested this year, but I do really like Casey. I think it would be a great story if he won after they used the save. I used to think the save was stupid, but that would change my mind. :P