Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Our 10-day forecast looks something like this:

Rain 59
Sun 79
Rain 58
Rain 50
Rain 69
Rain 71
Rain 69
Sun 73
Rain 71
Rain 66

Spring is a fickle tease.


We are totally addicted to these.
Healthy, crunchy, and delicious.
Great movie snack.


No more daytime soaps for ABC -
"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" are being canceled.
Not sure what's more shocking -- that they're being canceled
or that they've been on since 1970 and 1968!
My mom has watched those for years.


We've been having fun with Wordle.

Here are some of Thing 1's creations:

Wordle: Maxim My Brother

Wordle: Crayons

Here are some of Thing 2's creations:

Wordle: amazing

He's always singing along to the radio . . . or in the shower . . . or around the house . . .

This one got him in a bit of trouble (and it made us laugh, too):

Wordle: poo

Here's one of mine:

Wordle: Dentist


Speaking of dentists,
we all got a clean bill of health yesterday.


Orthodontic work?
Well that's another story.


We have some exciting business stuff going on
and I'm allowed to talk about it
(usually we can't because of HIPAA privacy laws).

The local radio station's DJ does the voice overs
for our commercials.

Well, we just did a promo about how acupuncture
can help you quit smoking.

When he did the voice over for it,
he learned about it and got interested.

He's been a closet smoker for years
and recently admitted to everyone that he smokes
and is coming in for acupuncture
and constantly talking about it on the radio
and on his FB page!!

Super exciting and a lot of fun to hear the stream
of shout outs on the radio!


Thing 2's first baseball game is getting rained out today.
And, man, is he cute in his baseball uniform!
I'll take pictures and post them soon.

Mark is an assistant coach.
He looks cute, too. ;)


Our kids are watching DVDs of "The Brady Bunch"
from the library.
I'd forgotten what a whiny bunch of kids the Brady kids were.


Thing 1 and her BFF got to volunteer at the
library's gala event at the country club.

They dressed up, greeted guests, handed out programs,
sold quizzes, Thing 1 gave a speech, and they were
treated to a dinner at the country club
and were given gift cards to Michael's as a "thank you."
They were glowing and everyone loved them!


Dr. Mark said...

Love the Wordles. It was hilarious talking to Thing 2 about his.

I know I saw the girls the night of the auction, but I didn't get to see the pictures yet. They look great!

Robynne said...

So kale chips, huh? They don't look very appetizing, but they sure have good reviews! It makes me want to try them!!

So cool about the DJ and all the publicity you're getting for the clinic!

Your Thing 1 is sure looking grown up!! :)

the Lady said...

I've decided I hate spring in PA.
We love kale chips, too.
Thing 1 and her BFF look so pretty. What a fun evening for them!

Cristin said...

This rain is something else...my dog's going nuts.

Kale chips sound really good! I still want to try those sometime.

No more All My Children?! I can't believe it.

That's awesome about the local DJ spreading the word! (We heard one of your radio ads a couple weeks ago, btw!)

And that's really neat that the girls got to help at the library's event! I bet they had a lot of fun.

J Fo said...

At least it's rain and not snow. ;)

She looks like such a little lady! Beautiful!

the emily said...

I love rain--a lot better than wind, anyway. That's all we have. 50 mph wind wind wind, every day.

So excited about your DJ and the props for your business. I hope it brings in a TON of people!!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, all! Thankfully, the weather has become warmer and SUNNIER!!

(And seriously, try the kale chips if you haven't yet).