Thursday, December 6, 2007

Anxiety, er, Moving!

If you're so inclined, take a Paxil and have a seat. If you're not so keen on meds (like me), take some deep breaths and maybe pop a Kava. Here we go . . . (oh and THANK YOU for the comments--you guys are awesome!).

The Dining Room:

The Kitchen (deserving of at least 2 photos):

The Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

Playroom (this room has since gotten quite messy):

Exercise Room (HA, like that's getting used yet):

Kids' Room:


Playing games between unpacking boxes:

I'm practicing mindfulness here--I'm fully present with playing and the picture taking. I'm not at all thinking about how only my elbow fits on the table and I can't push my seat back to get out.

"I love moving."
On a walk to deliver goodies to 2 neighbors (one from our ward and one from our homeschool group):

Our Side Yard:

Our Alley:

Our cute, cute neighborhood:

These pictures actually help me feel we've made progress. It took us 3 days to find our Kitchen but it's clean, organized, and functioning! As is our Living Room. We're working on other rooms . . . :P


The Rat Life said...

LOVE the pictures of Maxim and you playing a game. Shows great balance of priorities. :)

emily said...

i love those too (game ones). that actually makes me feel better because the MOVING part is done. all you have to do now is unpack. no problem! congratulations on the progress!