Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you believe this kid?

First, sushi. Now, acupuncture?!

K was having horrible allergies last week with all of the precipitation we've been getting, and she was wheezing quite a bit. We used good 'ol Primatine one night and it seemed to help. The next day K was complaining about how awful the stuff tastes after inhaling it, and Mommy says, "Acupuncture could help that."

K has been very curious about the whole process, and at times she seems very frustrated that she can't get on board with the whole stick-needles-in-me-for-health thing. She loves trying new things--foods, games, whatever--so I know she's been wanting to try acupuncture if it weren't for those needles. So, Mommy says what she says, I tell K the medicine seemed to help her, and lights go on, wheels spin, and off she goes.

She comes back a little later and tells me she may want to try acupuncture after all. Then she comes back like 30 seconds later and tells me she want to try it now. How's that for knowing what you want? She said she was still scared, but seemed to like the idea of 9 needles in her body better than inhaling some chemical (wise choice, in my opinion).

Here's proof that she may be one of the bravest 7 year-olds I know:

Nine needles, so what? Good news is she's been much better since that point. One more believer in our house.


emily said...

ahhh! that freaks me out! she must be so brave.

Robynne said...

That's great! Good for her! That takes some guts no matter what age you are, much less 7!! Way to go Kate! (And I'm glad it helped, too! :) )

Chiquita said...

At first I thought it would hurt a little bit and it did hurt a little bit. But it wasn't to bad! ;) And then about the next month I asked Daddy if we could do it just for fun! He said no because your not supossed to medical stuff just for fun.