Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Weather Anyone?

When we have a party we usually have to ask friends to bring ice since we rarely have any. I guess this is what we get. Some of the pictures are a little fuzzy--the ice and cold were wreaking havoc with my focus.

We actually were without power from before 6 am to after 3:30 pm. Some great friends who live just down the street actually had power so they invited us to warm up and eat with them. We gladly accepted their offer since we spent a good portion of the morning watching the thermostat drop steadily. I also spent over an hour trying to chip ice off of our walkway and sidewalk. Not my favorite wintertime activity, I must say.

So, we had a nice afternoon with good friends, food, and games. Well, we brought the bad luck and their power went off at around 1:30 or so. Luckily they have a gas fireplace around which we sat and played. I'm assuming they have power now since S was IM'ing over there this morning. All in all we are quite fortunate. There are large areas of the county still without electricity and they are being told it could still be a few more days yet. Hopefully it gets straightened out soon because it's cold out there!


emily said...

it looks sooo pretty! (and cold)

Chiquita said...

Those icicles look cool!