Monday, December 10, 2007

Making Progress

(Editor's note--I wrote this days ago but have been posting a different post daily--with more to come--so as to not overwhelm). I guess it's relative. I sometimes feel we're making slow progress and then friends come over and exclaim how quickly we're doing things. It's all in how you look at it! Either way, hurrah for making progress!! (Another Editor's note--And omigosh, thank you to Jen and her Mom for coming over yesterday and unpacking more boxes, moving stuff, throwing stuff out, organizing stuff, helping put together furniture, etc.!!)

Our freezer really doesn't fit there, so it's geting moved, but in the meantime . . .

We've since decorated a bit more in here. Pictures coming . . .

Working on the living room:

Playing in the living room:

Yikes, overflow from the den to the living room. How do people have so much stuff? That blanket is covering the window (we're putting in enclosed blinds). I don't like when people can see in and we can't see out (at night). Gives me the creeps. Hence, the blanket.
We've cleared out more of the dining room (by far the messiest, most full-of-boxes room in the house) and we've put up bookshelves--We LOVE books!

Living Room/Den

Yeah, we're sleeping on mattresses on the floor :P

Enjoying "The Nutcracker" with our homeschool group:

This is a functioning dumbwaiter--that open door is what we use as a coat closet. The dumbwaiter is in the basement (so where Mark's installed carpet is the top of the dumbwaiter) and we've painted over the old wallpaper/wood inside with that brown (helps with the musty smell) and we've put in that carpet patch (also helps with the musty smell). The door above the closet is where the crank is for the dumbwaiter. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the charm of our old house!! There are SO MANY COOL THINGS! We're doing a post (at some point) with all kinds of cool, charming things about our 1850s farmhouse!!

Getting stuff on the walls and hanging curtains makes it soooooo homey . . .

"I'm a tie fighter pilot!"


emily said...

i really like the color of your kitchen.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Em. We love the color. It's "Jamestown Blue" and it's a historic color that they preserve (you can get it at Lowe's -- their Valspar paint is the best!). We get *a lot* of compliments on that blue. It's really gorgeous. Same blue as in our townhouse--we love it!