Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Kiss

15 years ago today (12/9/92), Mark kissed me for the first time. This started a whole series of events. Unbeknownst to him, I had a guy I was dating back home (though he had moved away and I had left for college and we really hadn't discussed future plans in too much specific detail--we were, however, pretty serious). Not being one to kiss two boys at the same time, I had a decision to make--break up with a pretty great guy back home who I loved or move forward with an amazing person I was pretty sure to be the man I would someday marry.

See, this kiss caught me completely off guard. He hadn't held my hand yet, so I wasn't at all expecting this absolutely melt-you-to-the-floor amazing kiss . . . I was flying on air after that kiss for days. And I thought Mark was VERY out of my league. We quickly became best friends and I got butterflies every time I'd see him, but I didn't think a guy like him would ever be interested in a girl like me. Not that I'm not a good catch, but he could have anyone. Anyone. He could have his pick. So, I didn't see the kiss coming. I didn't see him falling for me like that. Mutual falling in love . . . ahhhhhhhh.

So, I had a beautiful break-up with the guy back home (and we're friends to this day and his beautiful wife and I are really good friends, too) during Christmas break and got back to BYU, continuing my relationship with this amazing guy who I still couldn't believe was feeling the same way about me. Simply put, we fell in love. And we are even more in love today than 15 years ago. It keeps getting better and better, even when you think that can't possibly be because you're already so blissfully happy. We
constantly grow together --it's a beautiful, evolving, wonderful thing. And while our love matures and grows and deepens, I still get butterflies. And his kisses still make me melt to the floor and fly on air. Words do not even exist to describe how much I love him. I'm so glad he kissed me 15 years ago. We're head over heels in love.


Dr. Mark said...

What a wonderful trip down memory lane. If I'd known where one kiss would eventually lead, I'd have done it sooner! I love you!

Robynne said...

Awwww, how sweet! What a great memory to have!!! :)

emily said...

wow, what a neat story! you remember the exact day of your first kiss?!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! :) Too sweet!