Sunday, January 27, 2008

1-An Early Christmas Celebration

We haven't yet found our tripod (I'm sure it's in a box someplace), so here are two pictures to show us having our yummy Christmas dinner:

Santa must've known about our surprise trip to MA and he visited us early!

Thank you, Papa and Grandma, for the fun games:

Again, no tripod, so two pictures for our usual one:

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Look at that *beautiful* house!! :) Still loving the colors--glad you guys enjoyed an early Christmas. (btw, Picasa has a GREAT red-eye removal that's super quick--I use it all the time!)

Terrie said...

Hey Guys~ Christmas in your new home. Love the beautiful smiles... So nice of Santa to work with your schedule... Looking forward to playing Guess Who?, and Apples to Apples with you guys.
Love, All of us...

Mom said...

I hope you agree: better late than never:) I'm so glad Kate and Maxim liked their games. It really helps to have an "inside man" telling us what they'd like. Thanks, Mark

emily said...

looks so fun!! your house is looking GREAT!