Sunday, January 27, 2008

12-Visiting My Dad's Grave

Visiting my Dad's Grave . . . how can that be?

These are the flowers from me--look closely and you can see a tennis ball.
We visited my Vavo and Vavo's grave. I miss my Vavo a lot. It's so strange to think that my mother is both orphaned and widowed. She says that means we have to be nice to her.

Back in PA with my Mom:


The Rat Life said...

Lots of beautiful flowers to show much love for your father.
I'll always cherish the thoughtful gift he shared with us.
Loved being able to meet your mother here in PA. We all enjoyed the visits with her...

emily said...

whoa, i've never seen that many flowers before! awesome.

Chiquita said...

I liked vavo coming to our house. It was such fun!