Sunday, January 27, 2008

3-More Random MA Pictures

One of the nice things about visiting MA is that we see almost alllllllll the extended family. And it's always a rich, cultural trip--language, customs, food, affection, humor, etc. Here is K with my Dad's sister-in-law (she's married to my Uncle Baltasar)--Kate really likes her:

Here is Jim putting together a huge Legos project with his buddy M:

Tracy and the twins took K and M ice skating:

Me, taking Mom out for a spa pedicure for her tired feet:

Our cute piggies:

Visiting with extended relatives--here's Alda, my Aunt's husband's niece and someone I've always liked (her and her family):
Here are the kids enjoying a visit with their 2nd cousins (my cousin Bobby's kids--not my brother and cousin Bobby, my cousin cousin Bobby that is my Dad's nephew and my mother's 1st cousin once removed:P)--our family tree is a wreath. I had a hard time watching my Dad's brother enjoy his grandchildren so much while my Dad lay dying unable to enjoy his grandkids in the same way.
Anyway, here are M, Zack, Alex, K, and Natalie:
Take one regular picture and then you can do a goofy one:

Our kids enjoying a fun day with a wonderful Hospice volunteer and friend, Andrea:

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Mom said...

A pedicure! What a thoughtful gift for your mom.