Sunday, January 27, 2008

2-Visiting in MA

Here's M with my brother (Uncle Bob):

Some holiday cheer:

Christmas Eve Party next door at Joe's house--the kids and their cousins lead us in playing games:

My Mom and her siblings--Artemisia, Noemia, Zelia, and Joe:

My crazy cousin Johnny, my brother Bobby, and my cousin Stevie (no, our last name is not Soprano):
K showing her present to Vavo as Tita Noemia and Kathy look on:

The host, chef, and master of ceremonies:

Steve and Tracy:

Davey, ever the kid himself:

M with his awesome present that gives his back a buzz:


The Rat Life said...

Some holiday cheer~ The pics show great times. Love seeing the kids w/ cousins leading in playing games...and love seeing the pics of your family...
...Merry Christmas!

Mom said...

It's fun to see pictures of your relatives. I recognize many of them from out past trips.

emily said...

love kate's green dress