Sunday, January 27, 2008

5-M is 5 years old!

With my Dad's wake being right on M's 5th birthday and my Dad's funeral being the very next day, the extended family really helped make M's birthday nice with a fun party the night before the wake. Everyone was so generous and sweet to come to the Transformers Party we threw together--we're so grateful.

Playing with the twin girl cousins:

Checking out the cake Joe's making:

Uncle Joe, opening the popcorn tin:

The girls with cousin Davey:

My Tia Artemisia (on my Mom's side) and my Tia Alda (on my Dad's side)--they're also cousins-- sitting with my Mom's friend Sarafica:

Not sure what I'm doing here:

Me and my brother Bob:

Eating M's favorite food--Pizza!

Tia Noemia (my Mom's sister) and her husband Alfred:

Opening Presents:

Here's the awesome cake Joe made--he's big into nicknames (K's nickname is C.P. for Cutie Patootie):
M (not such a fan of nicknames) hints,"I thought you were going to put an 'I' and an 'M'."

Crazy Uncle Joe responds, "No! I like Big Max! If you want to put an 'I' and 'M,' you can make your own cake!"

M says, "But I don't know how to make a cake."

Joe says, "Well, you better learn then!"

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!

Tracy helps cut the cake.

M and Uncle Joe

My brother, ever the life of family parties:

Me and my cousin Johnny--His older sister Lucy (55) is the oldest cousin of our generation and I (33) am the youngest--Lucy's daughter Melinda (35) is closer to my age than my own generation of cousins


The Rat Life said...

Transformer Party...its so nice to see how family helped in this party...Happy Birthday Maxim!

Mom said...

That was so great of your family to make Maxim's birthday fun for him and I loved the story about Joe and the 'Big Max' cake, but what I really HAVE to know is: Is Noemia Still sitting on a donut pillow!?

Robynne said...

What a great and supportive family - you are really blessed!!!

emily said...

soo fun! and stacy, your hair looks GREAT. so healthy and shiny. i'm jealous. happy birthday big max! (just kidding...maxIM!)

Boquinha said...

Yes! She totally IS still sitting on a donut pillow for her sensitive posterior! You can even see it a little bit in one of the pictures. :P

And thanks, Em! I'm telling you, it's made all the difference to see a real stylist--what a treat! (I'm referring to my reference about this in the Christmas letter). :P