Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Top 13 Perform Tonight!

And they're all doing songs from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson! I LOVED Michael Jackson as a kid (what kid in the 80's didn't?!). I'm so excited. Like Mark says, it's a total set up, just like Stevie Wonder nights, where the judges will tell many of them that they can't compete with the original (so why do they choose these themes?), but I think some will excel. And the difference here is . . . I like Michael Jackson songs. I'm SO excited. Here are some predictions:

'American Idol'/FOX

1. Danny Gokey - Billie Jean (a la David Cook, I hope)

2. Adam Lambert - Thriller (Yeah, baby!)

3. Lil Rounds - Unbreakable (for a little R&B soul)

4. Alexis Grace - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

5. Anoop Desai - Bad (just so we can hear him say "Sha-mone!")

6. Allison Iraheta - Invincible

7. Jorge Nunez - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (because it's just as cheesy with an accent)

8. Kris Allen - This Girl is Mine (because he's cute and likeable and doesn't dare do "Man in the Mirror" again)

9. Megan Corkrey - The Way You Make Me Feel (so she can do her weird dance)

10. Scott MacIntyre - Heal the World (at the piano)

11. Michael Sarver - Pretty Young Thing (can hardly wait to hear the back up singers sing, "P.Y.T!"

12. Jasmine Murray - Cry (Oh wait, that might be what I'm doing when she sings. I like her and she's sounded good in the past, but her past 2 performance did not merit a spot in the Top 13 above some others)

13. Matt Giraud - Dirty Diana

Such a shame they didn't put Ju'Not Joyner through, because that boy has some SERIOUS falsetto and would've ruled supreme on a night like this. Stupid commercial picks in place of true talent . . .


emily said...

Was there a girl from Utah who was a wild card pick? I wasn't sure if that happened or if she's already gone or what. When I heard her sing I felt bad for her, she sounded awful.

Boquinha said...

Yes, Megan Wiggles. She's very awkward on stage but some people call it "quirky." Whatever it is, Mark doesn't like it. It makes him really uncomfortable.

Jimmy said...

Funny how much we have in common. I introduced my daughters to Michael Jackson videos at an early age and they loved them. One time in Primary my daughter answered a question that somehow tied in scenes from the Thriller video. They were confused when the kids at school made fun of him. I'm aging myself here, but I still think his songs are exponentially better than most of the pop music I here on the radio. Truth is--the entire Jackson family--living legends. So, Mormons/Democrats/political junkies/Michael Jackson fans---I wish you and Mark were our neighbors.

Jimmy said...

Music I "hear" on the radio, not "here." Sorry about that.

bythelbs said...

They should let you pick the contestants' songs EVERY week. Awesome.

And Mark is right. The wiggles are weird. She's cute and has an interesting/cool voice, but the wiggles, dude. Awk. Ward. They're not even to the beat of the music of anything--more like a spasm.

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, that's a hilarious story!! Go ahead and age yourself--Michael Jackson IS the King of Pop for very good reason. We watched some of his stuff on YouTube the other day and boy did it bring back memories--his entrances, his dancing, watching him move was the musical equivalent of watching Michael Jordan on the b-ball court. AMAZING!! You're so nice--we do have a lot of odd things in common. I'm excited to find out more! Surely there's more. You just know there is. What a nice compliment. Please let us know if you're ever in our neck of the woods. Where do you live? NM, right? I love blogging and getting to know people like this!!

Lbs, thank you! And YES, they're not to the beat at all! That's what's so weird. And distracting. SO distracting. And odd. Have I mentioned weird? It's weird.