Thursday, March 26, 2009

Idol: Motown Week

As much as I dislike Country week, I heart Motown Week. And if I had to say one thing about tonight's performance it would be this:

We rarely vote, but we couldn't help but vote over 50 times yesterday for Adam Lambert and that nothing-short-of-stunning performance.

All right, with that out of the way, here goes:

Paula's wearing a tutu. And giving Simon coloring books and crayons. I LOVE Paula. This show wouldn't be what it is without her.

I do have one question for the judges, though--why do they exit the stage in such a way that it creates an unorganized traffic jam at their table? Why don't Simon and Paula exit on the side on which they sit and Randy and Kara likewise? Seriously, a little attention to detail wouldn't hurt. Hire someone. Boost our economy. People need jobs, for crying out loud!!

Matt Giraud: Perfect song, great performance, LOVE this kid. It's about time he get more credit for his abilities. He's AWESOME.

Kris Allen: I have to disagree with Simon. This kid DOES have swagger, just not in an obnoxious way (*cough* Michael Sarver *cough*). In a likeable way. Love his voice, his guitar, his manner. He deserves to be around for a while. He did great.

Scott MacIntyre: I like that he did something more upbeat. If he gets too preachy-Archulettaesque on us, I might like him less. He did a good job. But what the heck is with the fashion people and the pink pants? That's just cruel. Pink pants notwithstanding, I like his personality and sense of humor.

Megan Joy Corkrey: Here's one from me, honey. OMG! Please put her and all of us out of her and our collective misery. That was HIDEOUS. So uncomfortable. She smiles like she's gritting her teeth, mirroring how all of us feel at home. We're gritting our teeth and squirming, too. Oh, she's not squirming? She's dancing, you say? That's right. Megan Wiggles. She was so terribly out of tune. It must stop. Oh please make it stop. Somewhere out there, Alexis Grace is asking, "What the??" The flu actually made her sounds better. That's not good.

Anoop Desai: Great vocals, but a bit boring for me for him. I miss Bobby Brown Anoop.

Michael Sarver: I'm so done with him. I don't think this guy ever deserved a top 12 spot, especially not over Ju'Not. And I didn't think he deserved top 10 either. He's seriously going to tour and Alexis Grace is not? So not right. He's out of his league and yesterday was not good. I don't enjoy watching him. He should've gone home long before now. Which means he'll probably stick around another week. UGH.

Lil Rounds: It was good, but she was shouting at me. I don't like being yelled at. This was her best performance so far, but I'm not sure that's saying much at this point. Oh, Lil, Lil, Lil. You make me miss Fantasia more.

Adam Lambert: 3 words. FREAKING BRILLIANT!

Danny Gokey: I love Danny, but um, hello? He didn't do what Smokey said to do. And NONE of the judges called him on it?! Dude, Smokey was right on. I guess the judges are too busy coloring to notice these things. It was really good and I enjoy his up-tempo stuff, but Smokey's suggestion was better.

Allison Iraheta: Holy Moses, this girl! 16? Wow. If I had to predict based on tonight, it'd be an Adam-Allison finale for sure. Rock on, rockers! She was awesome tonight. Awesome.

BOTTOM THREE: Michael Sarver, Megan Corkrey, and does it really matter?

GOING HOME: Megan Corkrey


Mom said...

Okay, just 1 hour ago I commented on Dr Mark's post that I shouldn't read your posts before I watch the show. I can't help myself. I did it again. And now I'll be too intimidated to share my opinions. I don't have your skill at turning a phrase or your knowledge of the industry, but I like what I like. I know we agree on some things, though: Ju'Not should have been in the top 13 and Alexis Grace should be going on tour.

Shawn said...

You count like Kara!! Good analysis. I think there is a clear line between performers that can win and those that are just waiting for their turn to get voted off. The only potential winners are Adam, Alison,Matt and Danny. Everyone else should enjoy this while it lasts.

Chelle said...

I just read both yours and Mark's posts and I agree with a lot of what you both said. But from what I saw, I didn't think Smokey Robinson was that great of a guest judge. Most of what I saw him do was just agree with whatever the contestants were already doing.

My favorite was the first guy (I haven't watched it enough to know their names yet). He seems to have a lot of depth to him.

I think the guy with the curly hair (Scott, I think) is weak in his vocals and he's got a nasal tone.

I loved the coloring book and crayons for the child at the table.

Bye bye Megan.

Boquinha said...

Vivian, I love that you can't help yourself. What a fun thing to learn about you! But don't be intimidated to share your opinions. It's fun to know who everyone enjoys (and doesn't). C'mon, we won't think less of you, even if you like Megan. ;) And yes, we do agree on those things!

Shawn, yep. Totally agree. If voters get this right, it'll be Megan and Lil next, leaving Allison with a bunch of guys. And then some combo of Scott, Anoop, and Kris will leave. And it'll be down to Adam, Matt, Danny, and Allison. A rocker finale would be so much fun. But I LOVE boy-boy finales. They're the best kind.

Rachelle, I hear you on Smokey. He did give some advice, though. Some took it and some didn't (ahem, Danny). But he was at least nice. Which is more than I can say for Stevie Wonder. I wish you'd been right about Megan. Sigh.

Dr. Mark said...

Yeah, Stevie Wonder was terrible as a mentor. His most "constructive" criticism was to tell someone "Don't forget my lyrics," as if it was OK to forget someone else's, just not The Greatest Songwriter/Performer/Singer/Musician in the Known Universe.

J Fo said...

I agree that it should be an Alison/Adam finale, but I really like Danny, Kris and Matt. I'm torn. I don't love Megan, but I don't hate her as much as you do. Maybe I just like her style so I don't pay as much attention to her weird movements (I won't call it dancing) and poor vocals. Do you know the theme for next week? I never pay enough attention.

Boquinha said...

Amen, Honey, Amen.

Jess, your favorites are my favorites. I do often think Megan has an interesting voice but I'm uncomfortable when I watch her for some reason. They didn't announce the theme and haven't posted it yet on their site. I hope they do an 80s week. That would be awesome.

I've had Adam's song in my head. So so lovely.

Zelia said...

freaking brilliant is 2 words. :-)

Boquinha said...

Okay, you know I was spoofing on Kara's word count, right? ;)