Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild Card Predictions

Okay, so tonight Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and either Jorge or Ju'Not is getting through. We personally like both of them, but prefer Ju'Not's style (he has MAD vocal skillz, dude, his pipes, I mean c'mon, they were jumping OFF last night, I was like DUDE, that was da' bomb, Dawg. YO! What??!).

After they get through, the Wild Cards will be announced--those who get a 2nd chance (or 1st if they choose someone not in the Top 36) to get into the top 12. So, here are our predictions for Wild Card Nominees:

1. Anoop Desai . . . who should've gotten in the first time (We LOVE Anoop Dawg!)
2. Jackie Tohn . . . unfortunately
3. Tatiana Del Toro . . . for the drama (heaven help us)
4. Jasmine Murray . . . pretty, good singer, what the heck
5. Matt Giraud . . . LOVE this guy
6. Megan Corkrey . . . she's cute, perky, and interesting
7. Mishavonna Henson . . . she can sing and just has to show more personality
8. Nathaniel Marshall . . . headbands and all (I kind of like this kid--I feel badly for him and would love to see him grow in confidence in a setting like this)
9. Von Smith . . . because Dude can sing and takes criticism well
10. Kendall Beard . . . for the country-cute factor
11. Arianna Afsar . . . as a penance for being so hard on her last night
12. Either Jorge or Ju'Not (whoever doesn't get in tonight)

If they bring back someone NOT from the Top 36, it'll be Jamar Rogers (Danny's best friend). What are your thoughts?


Mom said...

I don't usually talk to the TV, but as they were panning the group before announcing the next name, I was chanting "anyone but Tatiana, anyone but Tatiana..." and of course--who did they announce? Miss Pagaent Royalty herself. I'm glad Anoop made it, and I was disappointed that Ju'Not did not. There were a few others I'd have left out or put in, but I'll defer to the professionals.

J Fo said...

GRRR...I'm dying that they brough Tatiana back! It's totally a shameless cry for drama and ratings. I thought this was a singing contest? There were WAY better singers than her! She better not make it past this round! I'm voting for everyone BUT her!

bythelbs said...

I was disappointed they didn't give Felicia another shot. I thought she was great this week. But having Tatiana NOT get through makes up for everything else.

J Fo said...

Amen bythelbs, amen!

Boquinha said...

Vivian, that's so funny. I think I can picture you doing that! I could've done without the drama. They fed her borderline personality disorder WAY too much. And her sudden Spanish accent was way over the top. We totally agree about Anoop and Ju'Not. Ju'Not was AMAZING the other night--totally in key and what a range! It's a shame they put in "commercial" instead of true talent. I like the girls they put in, but BOTH of them were awful on both their 1st AND 2nd tries. Yikes.

Jessica, hear, hear. Did you see her drama when she DIDN'T make it? Oh HONESTLY.

I agree, lbs. Ditto what I said to Vivian. It's a real shame.

LOL, Jessica!