Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're back . . .

. . . and we have lots to tell!

But you know how it is to get back from being away--things to do, stuff to put away, errands to run, rooms to clean, phone calls to return, 300 emails to sift through, blogs to read, comments to post, pictures to upload, birthdays to celebrate.

I haven't checked bloglines while away. Didn't have Internet access most of the time and didn't feel like checking when we did have access. So now that we're back, check this out. From Family and Friend Blogs, here is a sampling of the posts I'm behind on:

Emily 29
Jenny 5
Lindsay 2
April 9
Jessica 2
Jill 4
Lbs 9
Rachelle 4
Terah 1
D'Arcy 7
Lena 2
Ruth 7
Nicole 1
Rats 3
Kristen 8
Ronald 1
Sierra 1
Sequoy 2
Tess 6

Yep, that's right. Emily, you take the prize. Holy SMOKES!!


emily said...

Stacy, don't catch up on mine. Seriously. That's too many. Okay, read this one at least. It's funny.

and i did your 40 things tag-thing, that was a good one too. oh! and this other one....okay. i guess you'll just have to read them all. but most of them are short.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Hey Stacy, PLEASE don't catch up on mine! Just pop over when you get some time.

I really enjoy reading your blog and always will, even if you don't post on mine. I do love you posting on mine but I never want you to feel like you "should" catch up.

I'm glad you are posting again.

J Fo said...

Don't feel bad for being behind on blogging because you were out LIVING life! I wish I could get out and do that more! ;)

Boquinha said...

Hilarious, Emily. I do believe I'm fairly caught up on family blogs. :P

Thanks, April. You're so nice! It's good to be back. I came across a picture of you and Keith at our wedding open house. I may scan it and post it sometime!

Jessica, you're so sweet. If you ever want to come live life out here, even for a girls' getaway, do it. I'd love it. Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe have all the SILs meet here and all go to NYC for a show?

Boquinha said...

And cousin-in-laws, too!