Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's A Buyer's Market

{Vent on} Whatever it is, I'm so tired of it. We love our house and I get not a little annoyed when someone comes through all reticent and introverted as if they're almost put out to be house hunting. Do they have ANY idea how many HOURS of cleaning we've done? Or how many papers are now totally unorganized because we've thrown them all in a drawer so that our house doesn't look "cluttered?" Do they understand that there are, oh, about 10 million other things we might've liked to do today more than have complete strangers walk through our house, like watch grass grow or eat toenails for instance? Do they know that we didn't feel like having oatmeal cookies, but only baked them so the house smells good for their visit (you know, to entice them to buy)? Do they know that we LOVE our townhouse? A lot? And we're so not in the mood for games? Grrrrr.

And does anyone know why showings seems to be about a week apart? Why aren't there like 5 showings right after you clean your house? One week is just enough time for a blanket of crumbs to change the design of our dining room area rug from floral to speckled. Just enough time for weeds to grow in the garden. Just enough time for cobwebs to form in every corner of our house and yard. Just enough time for a thin layer of dust to spread over every surface of our furniture. Just enough time for loads of objects to find various places to be, none of which include where they belong.

Maybe I'm grumpy because the $80 dining room light fixture we've been eyeing but saving for suddenly went on clearance at Lowe's this past week while we've been out of town and, as if that's not enough, the stupid guy at Lowe's kept telling us how "people were getting deals like crazy" including the one lady who apparently got TWO of the fixtures we love for $12 each. I could've punched him. He went on to tell us that he has a garage full of deals like that--unadvertised, amazing deals. Like the really nice lawn mower he got for $50. Or the great summer clearance hammock he got for $10. Or the tons of other things he has that he doesn't even need but simply can't pass up because it's such a deal. I could've punched him harder.

"So we should shop in your garage then?"

"There you go!"

Honestly. He went on and on.

Maybe I'm annoyed because gas prices are up. You know why? No, not because of Chavez. No, not because of hurricanes. No, not because of oil refineries. Because it's Labor Day and people tend to travel. Stupid rich big oil companies.

Perhaps I'm annoyed because food prices have gone up so much. You know why? Because gas prices have gone up! Stupid rich big oil companies. Difficult to feel sorry for them when they post their profits and 5 million dollar holiday bonuses. Bleh.

I could be annoyed simply because I'm stressed. We have SO MUCH we're doing. You should see the list. Lists. Plural. It's HUMONGOUS. We're very, VERY blessed to be moving forward with our business but this getting started stuff is TOUGH. How do people do it?? Start businesses, I mean. It's a LOT. Totally worth it, but it's a lot of work and can be a lot of stress. And a lot of financial strain. Which we already have from years and years of student loans.

And did you hear about that couple in New York that hit the lottery? Twice? Same numbers? Unreal.

Maybe I'm just annoyed. I read the other day that women like to vent but that venting makes it worse. But journaling IS healthy, so yeah, that's what I'm doing.{Vent, er, Journaling off}


Dr. Mark said...

You weren't the only one that wanted to punch that light salesman guy. But to his credit he did show us the pile of clearance light fixtures marked "drop" and all of the fixtures the Motel 6 down the road didn't want!

Anonymous said...

Ug--it's always so stressful dealing with a house to show. Hang in there!! Hopefully not much longer! :)

emily said...

hilarious post. i mean, not that your pain is hilarious, but i love the honesty. want me to look at my lowe's to see if they have it? can you send a link?

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Em. We've found it on eBay! YAY! So, I bet we get it tomorrow! I can post a picture . . .