Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More decorating and assembling furniture . . .

Here's one frustration and one exciting thing to share.

Frustration (straight from an email): ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! We've already pushed back opening a couple of days and it looks like it's getting pushed to October FIRST because the FREAKING STUPID MANIPULATION TABLE GUY dropped the ball and isn't getting us our table on time and we are TICKED OFF!! This is exactly what we haven't wanted to do--push back opening. ARGH. I'm so angry and stressed out, too. Every little thing is taking forever to do at the clinic. It IS exciting and this IS the fun stuff and we are enjoying it, but today has felt very stressful. We're seeing so many things yet to do and get together and feeling very stressed and drained and spent. We're exhausted. The kids have been acting up more (at least in my opinion--probably they're fine and I'm simply a stresscase) and we've got loads to do and I'm so stressed! And I hate asking people to help. I've gotten better at it, but I feel like we're bugging people all the time these days and so I've been not asking so much but we CAN use the help. It's frustrating to feel that way when it's compounded by financial issues because we're asking for things that we could PAY for but we don't have the money! I'm so stressed. Life Balanced. Bleh.
Sorry to unload. Truth is, we're VERY happy and excited, but we're stressed and tired, too. I always feel guilty complaining because I do see that we're blessed. I do. And we're grateful.

Exciting thing: The newspaper is coming to interview us on Thursday!! We're SO excited (and a little nervous)! We live in a small enough town that, for all we know, it *could* be front page news! This is great advertising! Everyone around here loves local businesses (as do we)! And our first lecture is tomorrow! :)

Okay, enough chatter. PICTURES!!

I've tried to get more close-ups . . .

Love the light fixture . . .

Here's a bunch of "stuff" not in place yet . . .

Check out Mark's built-in desk! He's even drilled holes for wires! He's amazing. That statue thing is an acupuncture guy complete with holes and reference points. That lamp is a touch lamp so that we can adjust the light for acupuncture patients.

This light fixture is a bit different, but softer (flourescent) so that patients aren't seeing spots when they lay down for treatments.

This is the bathroom--even the soap is something like "Japanese Cherry Blossom" from Bath and Body Works (their big soap sale!):

This media shelf (we're decorating it) hides the W/D hook ups:
Here's the cool bathroom floor:

Here's a close-up of the bamboo laminate in the patient room:

Hard at work . . .

When you come in, this is what you see first -- for those who walk in and are curious, we have a basket of brochures as well as business cards.

Yeah, we've moved the fountain, but it looks better here anyway. :P

Aren't these cool?!
Obviously more to do, but it's coming along:

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emily said...

this makes me tired just looking at it. what's the table story? could you do it on mats on the floor for a few days?