Wednesday, September 5, 2007

There's crap in our food!

I'm so tired of reading news like this:

New England beef patties recalled for E. Coli

Food Additives Tied to Kids' Hyperactivity (though that one is a "no duh" headline)

Breastfeeding ads blunted
(the big JERKS--this is akin to the forumla companies going to 3rd world Africa and offering "Free" formula to mothers and babies and then when their milk stopped producing, they'd have to pay for less-healthy forumla that they couldn't even afford! Unconscionable.)

Mattel set to recall third batch of China-made toys ad nauseum (Lead paint in toys?? Antifreeze in toothpaste?? Hey, I have an idea! How about we STOP importing from CHINA and STOP outsourcing in general and support AMERICAN jobs?! Maybe THAT can save our shaky, consumer-driven economy.)

Spinach Recall (Again?!?!)

Death rates not cut by limiting Docs' hours (okay, so this one might be a bit out of place but it REALLY ticks me off, so I'm mentioning it. Stupid studies. How about balance and health and FREAKING well being?! I mean, seriously. Grrrrrrrrrrr.)

Toxic chemicals in microwave popcorn fumes (Uh, BYU dorms, anyone?)

It goes on and on and on. I'm suggesting The Omnivore's Dilemma for book club and many are interested to read it. It's that odd combination of wanting to know, but kind of not wanting to know. We're more and more interested in food co-ops, local farming, farmer's markets, local food, growing our own food, etc. And to think people mock granolas and vegans. They may have it right, after all.

Mumble grumble. Pass me some chocolate.

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