Monday, September 24, 2007

It's really coming along!

We're exhausted! But look at how GREAT the clinic is looking!! We've been assembling funiture and decorating (the FUN stuff!). We've got lots more to do, but it's really looking amazing!! These doors are absolutely REGAL. Gorgeous. This one is from the waiting room looking into the patient room. The door on the right is a "dummy door" so it doesn't usually open, but you CAN open it when you want to (for lectures, groups, etc.).

From the patient room looking into the waiting room--notice the bamboo shades, bamboo floor, etc. Mark's awesome at laminate floors!:

Here we are assembling furniture:

We're doing a very ZEN clinic. No pictures of the insides of ears or toe fungus. We're decorating with relaxing Asian stuff and lots of inspirational quotes and things like that. Several people have commented that they're coming just to hang out and read! :P Doesn't it looks AWESOME?! Cool light fixtures, bamboo plant (fake, but hey), bamboo vase with grass reeds (also fake, but hey), great chairs, cool slate tables. We're amazed and very surprised but thrilled that Big Lots (read: not that expensive all things considered!) of all places has furnished most of our clinic!! Who would've thunk it?!

A couple of nice pillows to make it more comfy. That high table to the right is the sign in table. The box on the slate table is an incense box with some good-smelling incense in it. There's another rice paper lamp, too.
We're working on this corner. That's our cool fountain. It lights up. We don't have water in it yet though. We're putting together a couple more bookshelves--those cool, slanted ones (like these). And decorating them. Very chic.

And lest you think we've got everything just so, see our dining room:

And our porch:

We don't have pictures here (yet) of Mark's AWESOME built-in desk, but it's really great! I'm SO proud of him. Most everything you see is his handiwork--he's so good at this stuff! We've been doing lots of shopping and decorating as a family--it's so fun to be doing the FUN stuff!!

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Jen said...

WOW!!! You guys've done so much in there even just this last week alone! Holy cow--it's looking amazing! :D