Thursday, September 27, 2007

More decorating

Loving decorating!! It looks AMAZING!! Mark's setting up our cool quote collage--a picture of Emerson and 3 quotes by him and a picture of A.T. Still (founder of osteopathy) and 3 quotes by him--very cool!

Me, setting up the stereo (patient room) with relaxing music and sounds--feng shui, ocean waves, and celtic music.

From the waiting room into the foyer where you come in--we have a "We Support Local Businesses" board--big deal around here and we DO support local businesses, so . . . . We're also setting up a suggestion box--we LOVE that we can!! No insurance company restraints! HURRAH!

It is SO relaxing to sit and relax in our clinic!! The water fountains are so neat!!

We've added more frames to this area (Mark's got like SIX!). We've got 1 more here that we've added (so, 2 of mine, 3 of Mark's) and near his desk are 3 more (licenses and such).

This is in the patient room--the door to the side that's open goes to our house.

The cool quote collage to which I've referred:
More coming . . . the patient room is pretty much put together (and table arrives Tuesday morning) and the bathroom is pretty much done, too--a couple of finishing touches yet but looks very nice--has a relaxing feel mixed with baseball pictures and books! :)


emily said...

you guys, it seriously looks awesome! i'm getting so excited for you to open.

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Em. We're really excited, too. We've got 6 clients so far!! And we *really* get started next week!!