Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogher Ads

Yay! I'm so excited!! Due to content and readership, we've been approved and selected to host Blogher Ads! That's the new addition to the right. The ads are actually pretty cool and many of them (and the articles below the ads) intrigue me.

I've seen Blogher Ads on other blogs but they weren't accepting new blogs for a while. Well, they've since accepted Sushi and Pizza! Hurrah! I feel so special.

And a special thanks to doctormark for getting the ball rolling on that. I'm so married to Superman (ahem, Batman). Enjoy! :)


Jill O said...

Tell me more.... I am intrigued. What is the point of these ads?

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Hey that's pretty cool.... do they actually pay you REAL money for doing this? Or is it like 2 cents for every 100 clicks? :-)

Chelle said...

So if we click on the ads you get money??! Holy cow. If so, I'm a good clicker. I'll help you out.

Boquinha said...

The Blogher community is for women who blog. The ads do help generate revenue for them and for those hosting the ads. I feel pretty happy that they've chosen to place their ads on our blog--Mark's been helping me get it together and we're excited about it. A little extra for doing something you love to do anyway is always a bonus! Yeah, it's not LOADS but every little bit is good!

And we're not allowed to solicit clicks and impressions, so I'm not doing that. The fact that you all look at our blog and read and comment is helpful and good. And super enjoyable. So, the extra little bit is a nice bonus. Thanks, friends!