Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrating the Inauguration of Barack Obama

We like to celebrate around here--the mundane and the exciting. It's all good. Today is very exciting.

The kids woke up excited and Thing 2 yelled out to Thing 1 to wake up because "It's Obama Day!"

I'm bummed that we weren't in D.C. for this (we were going to go but didn't for a combination of lots of reasons), but really glad to be able to see so much on TV that we wouldn't have been able to see if we were down there. Plus it's cold and I can be a wimp when it comes to cold. And I don't like porta-potties. Though, if we could've gone down there, I would've braved both (I think) for this.

This is historic and exciting. I choked up big time when I explained to the kids that the White House that President Obama (MAN, it feels good to say that) now enters was built on the backs of slaves. That's a tough thing to talk about without getting teary eyed.

I love that this man inspires hope in me and in the country and in the world. There's a teeny, tiny, little skeptical voice that tries to play in my head--statements I've heard some of my friends or colleagues say--seeing if I can get cynical about this. "Are you drinking the Obama Kool-Aid?" I mean, what if he doesn't do so well and I have egg on my face? But you know what? I'm not ashamed. I don't think he'll fail. And I'm proud to say that I support him and am inspired by him. I don't think he's perfect. I don't completely agree with him. But I do think he's a phenomenal leader with wonderful vision and I'm THRILLED to the core that he's our new President.

I'm excited that we're done with Bush. I don't mean that as a slam and I don't mean to turn all negative. I don't think he's totally evil. Maybe he's not the brightest, but he seems fairly likeable. I'm simply glad that we're onto new things all around--no Bushes, no Clintons (well, you know what I mean). I'm excited that the Bush era is over. And I'm THRILLED that the Obama era has begun.

Again, my usual plug for beautiful Michelle. She brought a gift to Laura Bush! A journal and a pen for her to write her memoirs. No one has ever done that before. She is a class act. After watching her for a while today, I do believe my exact words were, "Damn! She's classy." I love her. And those girls? Adorable. The oldest one has the grace of her mother and the younger one has an impish nature that is sure to keep the Secret Service on its toes. She is FUN to watch.

So, I loved it. All of it. Amazing to watch the oath (Justice Roberts messed up the wording which tripped up Obama . . . for the record). Wonderful speech. Amazing moment in history. The view of the crowds was inspiring. The cheers were stirring. And the fact that Obama only used the word "I" three times was unifying. I love our President. I love our first family.

Here are some pictures of our fun celebration today:

Us wathing history in the making

It's Obama Day!

It's Obama Day!

The steps of the Capitol

Taking the oath on the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln

Frosting and decorating cookies

Obama cookies!

A Kenyan Feast (part of Obama's heritage is Kenyan)--Tanzania Chicken (amazing spices!), Coconut Rice, Chapatis (like doughy tortillas), Salad, Water, and Pina Coladas

Sitting down to our feast

Commemorating the day with drawings

Welcome, Mr. President!
Happy Inauguration Day!


The Rat Life said...

yeah! We~ with much hope ~ watched from 8:30am till the lunch break with only moving around on comercials. Still have the television on, but not all sitting to watched every minute. Thought all the coverage was awesome... loved being a part of this time and season.

emily said...

I thought Obama forgot the words and that was why he paused? I've told Dave before that I would have to have them do one word at a time because I would just be so NERVOUS. I teared up a little too, it was a nice day.

Foltron said...

I'm a little bit disappointed that Biden gets no love with the cookies. It appears to be a chocolate cookie hence the Obama reference but it looks like some sort of white frosting was used. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Biden a white guy. Why can't the cookie represent both in perfect harmony? Why not call it an "Bidama" cookie? I guess I just expected too much.

J Fo said...

You guys are so creative and fun. Looks like a great celebration. Much better than what we had at school. (Don't even get me started on our Social Studies teacher...grrr.)

Greg- They made Obama cookies. You can feel free to make your own Bidamas! Sheesh!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

You are such a cool mom! I love this post, and I LOVE the photos!

I watched the inauguration alone (kids were at school - but they watched it at school - and discussed it when they got home - they both really were inspired) and hubby was at work. I was very very moved today. I've never been so moved, and excited, by a new President. This is very special. And I'll drink this "flavor" Kool Aid anyday. :-)

Lena said...

What a fun day! You need to email me all of your ideas before the day so I can do fun things too, lol. I hope he's a good Pres too. Did you kids really sit and watch it? Mine had no interest in it whatsoever. But I can't really blame them- there was a back-hoe ripping up the street on the side of our house and they wanted to watch that instead, lol. How do you compete with construction that shakes the whole house right on your doorstep?

Swawaeve said...

Wow, it looks like you guys definitly celabrated.

bythelbs said...

How gratifying to be able to see it all the way through. Put your hopes in a candidate, have them actually win and then watch as they take their position. I hope he lives up to everyone's expectations. That would be awesome.

Jill O said...

I am loving that you have a festive tablecloth and that you made cookies for this special day. So great! It was a great day, wasn't it?

terahreu said...

Great to see what everyone was doing the moment he was put into office. We stayed up till midnight and watched it on the big screen at the US Ambassador's house. I will write about it soon. I was expecting to see a Foley or two out in the crowd. No such luck. Now I know why.

Looks like a great day for you guys! After he took the oath, I went home and slept through all the fun.

Boquinha said...

Terrie, that's so cool. Thank you for sharing that with me. We love being a part of it, too.

Emily, no, it was Robert's fault and he apologized. I don't get it. I'm sure Roberts is brilliant and I'm sure he had it memorized and felt sure he didn't need notes. But c'mon! The whole world is watching and you MIGHT forget or mess it up--take notes with you!! I thought the same thing! They were saying too many words at once!! It was making me nervous!! :P He had to retake the oath the next day because some people seriously started to question if it "counted." So stupid. It counted, but they did it again to appease them.

Greg, move to PA and I'll make you whatever cookies you want. :) Sure, the white can represent Biden, too. We're mostly celebrating Obama, but you're right--a little love for Biden is good, too (I really do like him). (Plus thank God it's not Palin!) But seriously, I'll make you any kind of cookie you want when you come.

Jessica, what happened?! (I totally love the exchange between you and Greg in the comments--LOVE it!)

HWHL, thanks! Hear, hear!

Lena, thanks! We really did come up with most of this stuff on the morning of the inauguration. We've been so bummed about not being down there so we've decided to have fun with it here! Yeah, our kids sat and watched at least the oath and speech as well as some of the coverage (our kids are 6 and 8). But yeah, not sure it competes with a back-hoe out the window!

Sierra, yep! :)

Lbs, very gratifying and hopeful. I hope so, too. Agreed.

Jill, thanks! So great!

Terah, that sounds cool. Yeah, disappointing to not be there. We're keeping tabs on his appearances--he's trying to be accessible and we'd like to hear him in person. What time was it there when he took the oath?