Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy Beauty

Well, I didn't take pictures of our sledding day, but here are some from Inauguration Day. I love how it looks when it snows. And we love where we live.

And check out the cheery flowers I got from my sweet friend Terrie--aren't they beautiful? Gotta love good friends. :) Another hosted a playdate for our kids. Another took me out for a wonderful and much-needed night out. Another checks in on me pretty much daily. I could go on, but suffice it to say I'm grateful for good friends.


emily said...

oooh, those flowers are nice! i'd say the snow is too, but we have enough of that here to last a lifetime and i can't bring myself to appreciate it right now.

Jill O said...

Those flowers are really pretty! So bright and cheery. Great friends are so wonderful to have around. I have to agree with Emily, while the snow is lovely, we are very much ready for some warm weather around here. One can only enjoys crunchy slush and cars that get stuck in your driveway for so long. I am having a hard time apprieciating it's beauty too.

bythelbs said...

Good friends are the best. Thank you for being my good bloggy friend! You've given me more cheery bunches of virtual flowers than you know!

Zelia said...

I am moving to PA. lol
I want those friends too.

Boquinha said...

Emily and Jill, I so hear you on the snow. It's pretty but yeah, it gets old fast. I'm so ready for spring/summer. Thankfully, we don't go out much so we can enjoy the beauty from inside. :)

Lbs, that is so sweet! Thank you for the nice comment. :) Right back at ya!

Mom, come on down!