Friday, January 30, 2009

Sewing Question

Domestic goddess I am not, especially when it comes to sewing. I'm totally fine with this. Except when I have a project I don't know how to do.

We're building our own window seat for the kids' room. It looks AWESOME (pictures to come soon). On top of the bench part where you sit, we'd like to put a rectangle cushion. The window seat is Navy blue and the cushion will be some kind of red/stripe look.

Any suggestions? I've found some cushion places online and most of them cost upwards of $40 or $50! That seems crazy, but if I did it myself (HA!), would it cost that much anyway? Any creative ideas from my bloggy friends?

P.S. We're thinking regular cushion that sits on top. NOT the stapled idea.


terahreu said...

I did that exact thing in our DE home in Xavier's room. You can look at it on our House a Home post. The cushion was super easy to make. I just bought some foam at JoAnn Fabric and then got the material I wanted. The foam can be used as your pattern. I piped my cushion, which makes it a little trickier but it looked great. Don't be daunted by this task, it is super easy! I wish I was there to help.

Jill O said...

This is a well timed question as I am in the middle of a very similar project. Mine is a cusion for a very cool toy box that someone gave me. It is totally vintage and awesome, but it needs a new cusion. I am wondering about the sides. Do you have to add a little extra to go around those? Anyone have a pattern?

Jill O said...

Oh man! I hate when I misspell words. Cushion, not cusion!

Boquinha said...

Terah, wish you were here, too!

Jill, hopefully we get some answers, eh! :P