Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thing 2's Birthday

Birthdays are all-day affairs around here. We don't do school on birthdays (no one should work or go to school on their birthday) and we spend the whole day celebrating. We start with breakfast in bed, order placed the night before. Thing 1 came into our room about 1 minute before our alarm went off to demand why we hadn't yet woken her up to help. We got breakfast together and took it upstairs. Wake up, sleepy head . . .

This is how Thing 2 sleeps--completely wrapped up in his covers. Please don't mind the room that I always say looks like an asylum. It's one of the next 2 projects we're working on (hallway and kids' room) and the transformation will be GREAT!

Best Friends

The birthday boy requested a pizza lunch and "playing video games" all day. (He was a good sport to put up with a lot of errand running as well--we got a lot of his birthday party stuff).

We also do whatever "cake" the birthday boy/girl wants. Remember my cookie dough blob with a candle in it? His request this time--6 chocolate munchkins with candles in them. Yum!

Happy Birthday!

One of his favorite presents--a homemade book from his big sister (who is very into homemade gifts these days--it's great!). It's a Star Wars Picture Book. That one there is Emperor Palpatine.

"You're the best sister in the whole history!"

Very cool sticker books from Vavo.

A cool R2-D2 robot from Grandma and Papa.

A Clone Trooper from Mommy and Daddy (it's seriously been hidden for like 2 years).

Thing 1 also got him this cool battle game. We play it a lot.

A couple of days later, I found this cutie snuggled in bed with his Clone Trooper.


J Fo said...

I've worked really hard in the past to get bed head like that!

emily said...

I LOVE having presents hidden. It feels like my own birthday because I didn't have to pay for it (in the recent past, I mean). Looks like a fun day!