Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Real Deal

I believe the Obamas are the real deal. No phony, for-the-camera political love. I truly believe this is true love, the real deal. Everything about the way they interact says so. And dang, they're a beautiful couple. Absolutely strikingly gorgeous. WOW!

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Nothing fake about that. Love them.

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We are keeping an eye on all of his appearances. We want to see him in person sometime, stand in his presence and hear him speak. I'm bummed that despite the fact that we're in a battleground state, we didn't ever get a chance to see him on the campaign trail. He visited a church in our town but it was on the down low and wasn't announced. Dang! But after seeing THIS VIDEO (cnn's videos don't embed well), I'm thinking that maybe I'd rather dance with him? How cool is that!!


Swawaeve said...

I also agree that the Obama's are a true family (and a cute one too). Also that was a very cool/funny video.

emily said...

I liked it when he came out and said "how beautiful is my wife?" and she goes "don't talk about me!" cute.

bythelbs said...

They do look happy. It's great to see that kind of example in our country's leadership.

Jill O said...

I love her dress! So lovely. They are a really great couple, and family. The thumbs up from his little daughter was the best.

Super Nova said...

love it. it's what i want.

Boquinha said...

Sierra, I agree!

Emily, I love that, too.

Lbs, agreed.

Jill, I heard that her dress cost $1500 as compared with 30K and 50K and 60K (!!!!!) dresses of some former first ladies. She decided to ask a lesser-known designer to give him a shot at things instead of going with the old standbys and paying a mint. I love that.

Yep, D'Arcy. Or not, right? ;) :P