Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thing 2's Star Wars Birthday Party

We were going to have this party on Saturday (the 10th) but due to the snowstorm, we decided (on Friday morning) to bump it up a day. It was going to be quite a feat to pull it off. We called everyone to check if it would work. It was great with everyone (lots of homeschoolers, lots of little kids who aren't in school yet anyway), so we called everyone again to confirm that it was a go.

That's when my Mom called sobbing hysterically to tell us that my Dad's younger brother died.

That's when I fell weak to the ground and sobbed for an hour.

That's when we weren't sure how in the world we were going to pull this off.

But we also knew that Thing 2 had waited for 2 years for this Star Wars party (we were going to do it a year ago, but then my Dad died and we did thrown-together birthday parties for both kids in MA) and we were NOT going to put this off again.

It was emotionally grueling to feel such conflicting emotions at the same time--extreme grief and sadness about my uncle and overwhelming love for my son and his excitement and a strong desire to make his birthday party an awesome one. I felt sort of weak all over and put all I could into making the party great and festive. I know it's not my fault, but I feel horribly that Thing 2's past couple of birthdays have been surrounded by such sadness in the extended family. We really like to make birthdays special. We take down ALL Christmas decorations on the 2nd of January so his birthday can be free from holiday "stuff." It works well.

Anyway, this is how we went into party prep and I tell you this to explain both the emotions and how much we could NOT have pulled this off like we did without the help of very good friends who literally jumped right into action and did all kinds of stuff to make the day special and nice (and to make sure we were fed). Party food, party games, decorations, fresh flowers to cheer me up, oranges and chocolates, dinner for us . . . thank you so much. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I put a spoonful of homemade soup in my mouth at around 9pm that night--it's then that I recognized that I had only eaten a cookie all day. Everything was great and we're grateful for good friends.

So, the party! It was great! And Thing 2 declared it a favorite --"my first best birthday party ever!" I'm so happy to hear that.

Our awesome "Mustafar" cake -- this is pre-orange/red laval coming out of the volcano and do you see the smoke from the dry ice? Very cool cake. We got the idea online and M LOVES it.

With lava and candles!

Helping out before the party--Princess Leia girls!

The food: Darth Tater Chips (Salt-n-Vinegar, per Thing 2's request. YUM.), Wookie Cookies (2 kinds--pumpkin and mint chocolate chip, Pretzel light sabers (thanks to Rebecca for helping us pull those off), and a space there for the Padawan Pizza (in the oven at the time).

Darth Malt and Yoda Soda.
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Pin the Jetpack on Jango Fett

The Exploding Death Star Game--big silver balloon filled with popcorn kernels (sounds SO LOUD like it's exploding!) and you pass it around and don't want it in your hands when the Clone Wars music stops!

And, the Birthday Boy wins! (For real--no fudging at all, I promise).

M has friends of all ages--kids his age and these 2 teens that he really likes. They're great kids and good friends and they teach him to Skateboard and play guitar, how cool is that?

Pod Racing--shoot the pod at a printed up Sebulba character and knock him over!

On to the Jedi Training (which the invitation mentioned to the kids)--the kids got Jedi cloaks and then they got to make their own light sabers!

Light Saber Training

Thing 2 is pretty excited for both the cool, starry background (which we're also using for Thing 1's Harry Potter party in April) as well as his Mustafar-colored streamers in the doorway (he was hoping the streamers could make a picture that moves when you walk through it, but we're just not that talented). Oh, and he's more interested in being a Sith than a Jedi so he requested a black cloak.

Making their own light sabers
Cute little (and big) Jedis (and Sith) in front of Starry background. Notice the badges they're wearing complete with glowsticks--the badge had 4 activities to complete as part of their training and they got a star-themed sticker for each activity:

1. Light saber training
2. Force training (learning to use the force)
3. Search and Recover (Asteroid Rock Treasure Hunt)
4. Princess Rescue

Teaching the young padawans to use their light sabers

Using the force (had the morning not been so crazy, we were going to tie some invisible thread to the discs and trip the kids out by really using the force to move them).

Lots of dueling--check out K using her light saber like Asoka!

Opening up an asteroid rock (found by using a map) to find . . . Pop Rocks!

Saving the princesses (by popping balloons to find Leia and Padme inside two of the balloons--Shawn has already pointed out how inaccurate it is to have them both prisoner at the same time, but hey, we're over it).

Being knighted a Jedi (or Sith, as the case may be)

Opening presents--pay no attention to me. I forgot to fix my hair and make up after my crying jag that morning. Oh well.

Happy Birthday, cutie. I love you so much.


Lindsay said...

How Cute. I miss being a kid and having huge parties like that.

J Fo said...

That party seems like a huge undertaking even under "normal" circumstances! I particularly love the play on words with all the food. Sign me up for some Wookie Cookies! Well done. I'm sure he'll remember this as a great day!

emily said...

That is SO FUN! I can't believe how good you guys are at throwing theme parties.

emily said...

(This is your brother (in-law) Dave.) That may be the coolest cake ever. Can you guys plan my kids' birthdays?

Anonymous said...

You guys are the coolest parents! M is so adorable. I'm glad he had a great birthday.

Shawn said...

It was a great party. Even for us "senior" Star Wars fans.

a skateboarder who plays guitar. said...

Awsome party. You guys were very ,very creative with thinking of the names for the food, the games were fun too. Happy birthday lil' M

Swawaeve said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm so glad it went well. By the way from what I see you don't look that bad at all (also coming from the one who doesn't care to wear makeup):P.

Vivian said...

Awesome cake. What was floating in the lava?

Boquinha said...

Thanks, everyone!

Lindsay, theme parties are NEVER outgrown. :) Go for it. I LOVE the idea!

Thanks, Jessica. We really couldn't have pulled this off without the help of good friends. You know who your friends are . . .

Emily, thanks! We get a lot of ideas online and then tweak them to our tastes and preferences. It's fun!

Dave, sure! :) Thanks for commenting--that was a really fun one to get! I've heard stories about you as a kid and Star Wars. Our kids think those stories are hilarious.

Debaser, thank you! Me, too!!

Shawn, thank you so much for your help. It's VERY appreciated.

Ronald, thank you so much for your help, too. You guys are great and I love that Maxim counts you and Sequoy as some of his closest friends.

Awwww, Sierra, you are so sweet! Thank you.

Vivian, thanks. Do you mean the white chocolate platform thingie? That's white chocolate (made by melting white chocolate chips in a greased sour cream container lid) and that's R2-D2 on top.

Em said...

Looks like a great party! I love it that you guys go all out. So fun!

Boquinha said...

Thanks, Emily!