Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It has been snowing for 23 hours.

The 12-hour forecast says either "blizzard" or "heavy snow" or "snow/wind" that apparently isn't letting up before 2AM (that's as far as the 12-hour can predict for now).

This is on top of the 14-18 inches (more, in some spots, due to drifts) we got this past weekend.

This is WILD.

We live on Main Street (literally, not in that "White House Joe" way) and there are NO cars on the road. NONE. It's weird, almost eerie.

Earlier, some guy across the street was trying to get home and he turned on to our street and got STUCK right by our cars. Like could not move. Several people shoveled him out and pushed his car and tried to clear a path for him. About 25 minutes later, he had driven about 30 feet.

It's crazy. We've been watching the snow get deeper and deeper.

Our fenced-in garden is almost completely covered. It looks like a snow swimming pool.

Our swings aren't swinging any more since the snow has piled so high; the seats of the swings are now sitting in the snow.

Our picnic table is piled HIGH with snow. And you can no longer see the benches. The snow has covered them that much.

You can't distinguish between the grass, sidewalk, and road. It's all a big, huge, white world out there.

Our front fence is totally covered. In spots, you can't even tell we have a fence at all.

And visibility is LOW.

Yesterday, right before the storm started, it was strangely dark in daytime. The sky looked HEAVY like it was about to just open and let its contents pour down. And that it did.

Waking up this morning, it was brighter-than-normal . . . the kind of brightness you get from the whole outside being so white that light reflects off of it, twice as bright as usual.

It is CRAZY! We haven't ever seen this much snow since moving here in 2003. And, from what I understand, this may be the most snow this area has ever gotten like this. Some kind of record.

We must have at least 3 feet and counting out there.

I'm so glad we're inside, safe and warm. I'm grateful we don't have to be anywhere but here right now. So grateful.

And I'm grateful we haven't lost power. Because we have no alternate heating source, so no power = no heat. I would LOVE to install a fireplace or wood stove. For peace of mind. And for heat. And ambiance. Someday.

Between these 2 storms, we took our kids and some friends to a local hill to sled. Over TWENTY of us had a great time sledding and playing in the snow!

I like seasons. And, though I much prefer summer and am not a fan of snow and absolutely HATE driving in it--refuse to drive in it, I love snow days. We're kicking back. We're reading. We're playing. We're writing. We have books, games, and fun stuff to watch.

I kind of like storms. When we can be home like this. Love it.

This is out in front of our business.
Since taking this picture, you now can't see the fence at all.

That is our garden.
See the tippity top of the garden fence all around?
A snow swimming pool.

See how the swings can't move now?

Kids can hardly walk in it.

Another fun thing about snow days!

Scout loves the snow . . . usually. It's a bit deep for her.


The Magic Violinist said...

Scout is SO cute! I'm so glad we got a dog! She looks HILARIOUS when she looks like she's swimming in the snow.

Siths said...

i love it

Jimmy said...

Wow! I think that would be fun for a little while.

Weird how the whole world seems to slow down when there's snow in just my part of it.

Robynne said...

WOW - I can't believe all that - the pics are great! I'm glad you haven't lost power and can just enjoy it!! :) Digging out will be fun...It seems like it will take months for that to melt!!!

the emily said...

That is so crazy! I wonder if it's ever going to stop?! I love storms like that. I think they're very cozy and fun.

I have to ask though, how does a house built in the 1850s not have a fireplace or wood stove already?

bythelbs said...

Crazy! We've had no snow to speak of this winter. Stay warm!

Gary said...

How cool is all this snow! As long as you don't have to work in it you guys are living a piece of history. Got a big kick out of Scout. I heard after disappearing in the snow she wouldn't go outside any more!

Also, good question Emily about the fireplace/woodstove.

Dr. Mark said...

About the fireplace/wood stove issue . . .

We hear the kitchen had a wood stove at one point before it was "modernized." I guess they had to get rid of the pot belly to make room for an oven and refrigerator. We'd actually love to find a way to add a fireplace or stove back, just to have a back-up source of heat.

I'm a little frightened by how much there is to dig out. It will be worse tomorrow after all the wind I hear right now, and after the snow plows put another foot or so on our front walk.

Jillo said...

Wowza! I love snowy days like that. I guess one of the perks of utah living is learning to love snow and how to get around in it. Ironically we are not having ANY snow this winter. It is grey and gloomy and blah. sigh.
I think we should hold punxsutawney phil responsible. He's the one who saw his shadow and cursed us all with 6 more weeks of winter. It seems appropriate that his home state gets the brunt of the bad news, eh?

Boquinha said...

Heheheh, good one, Jill. You know, the East gets just as much, if not more, snow as Utah, but the mentality is SO different from East to West. I remember when I first lived in Utah. I was SHOCKED that nothing closed or canceled. In the East, everything shuts down and honestly, we love it. It's safer and you get extra days off! :)

Boquinha said...

P.S. I hear you got snow today, yes?

Anonymous said...

You guys are getting crazy amounts of snow! We are getting Spring like weather (no snow) and hosting the Vancouver Winter 2010 Olympics tomorrow! Should be VERY interesting -Kelly

Boquinha said...

Kelly! It's so nice to hear from you!! Will we see you in the audience at the Opening Ceremonies? :)

Anonymous said...

I will be going to some of the free events around the city. The Olympic individual event tickets were all over $1,000 per ticket. Pretty exciting being a part of it all. However, I don't know why Arnie Tha Guvner carried our torch today?! Sad about the 21 year old Georgian luger that passed away this morning in Whistler. Miss you. -Kelly xo

Boquinha said...

Oh Kelly, that was so sad. Really tragic.

I'd love to hear about the events you get to experience. And where is Michael Buble?? I hear he carried the torch, too, but he should be SINGING!!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the snow. I used to dread it but since I've tried to find reasons to like it I now LOVE IT!!!! It's amazing what a positive attitude can do for you.