Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood

So, Ellen. I like her. I already liked her before AI and I still like her and I love that she loves American Idol. But I have to admit that it's kind of weird that she has no music background.

Anyone else think it's weird that they switched from the classic red Coca-Cola glasses to mugs of beer with frothy heads on them? Okay, I know it's really "vitamin water," which I'm not even convinced is a health benefit more than it is a money scheme, but still. It looks like beer. And they claim this is a family show.

I miss Paula.

Kara kind of bugs me. Especially when she leans forward, sticks her chin out ahead of her face and uses her arms, hands, hair, mouth, and eyes to go a little too over the top than necessary like practically ALL the freaking time.

I'm so glad Randy didn't get much camera and sound time. I can only take so much.

It is about time they get some SERIOUSLY talented female singers on this show. I am almost always annoyed by most of their female contestants. I recognize that I'm slightly biased, because I prefer a male singing voice to a female one most of the time, but really, their female contestants have left me, for the most part, unimpressed. Well, color me happily surprised, because this year's crop of female contestants (especially those with guitars) is awesome!

I was sad to see Maddie go. I liked her and think they should've given her one more shot. She chose a lousy song, yes, but she sang it well, which is more than they can say for many contestants. And she was likable. I hope she tries out again, because she's good.

I like that one kid whose parents were in gangs. He played an acoustic "Straight Up" that was DOPE! That's right. Dope. Randy didn't say it. So I did. Dope.

Tonight is group night! I love group night! The singing, the drama, the cat fights. It's about as dramatic as it gets for AI, so it's kind of fun, especially since it's only for a day and not a whole season a la The Bachelor.

Mark has made several great remarks this week, worthy of posts of their own, so I hope he won't mind me sharing one of them on here. While sharing his annoyances with Hollywood Week, like how they manipulate us viewers, he said something to the effect of, "It's gotten worse. They're going to put them in rooms and make us guess which one is going home. How are we supposed to know when they only show us like 3 of them leading up to that point?"

Cue Music. Hollywood Part 2 starts (dramatic pause) in 45 minutes!


the emily said...

I love Ellen. It makes me almost want to watch AI because of her. Almost.

Dr. Mark said...

Yeah, Kara is bugging me, too. She seems worse this year with Paula gone. Maybe she'll tone it down as time goes on. As always, we have similar ideas about the whole process. They really need to change those cups, or put a big "Duff" label on the side and add Homer Simpson as a guest judge.

Anonymous said...

Kara is so annoying! I agree with Mark that she seems to have gotten worse this year. Ellen has been pretty good so far. I'm also glad Randy is quieter, his jokes were getting old, DAWG! - Kelly

J Fo said...

I think Ellen is a breath of fresh air and I'm surprised how serious she's taking it. Not just looking for a joke and that's it. I'm the same way about Male vs. Female voices, but I think this year has a lot of talented women. Greg and I both really like the gang parents guy, too! I just hate that we only get like 3-4 focus stories and then all of the other drama waste of time stuff. I wish they would focus more on the performances so we can see more of them before the top 20. Last year they didn't even show Chris Allen until top 20! He had a lot of ground to make up because nobody knew who he was.'ll be interesting to see how it plays out.