Friday, February 26, 2010

Results Show: 24 to 20

So, we're snowed in (again) and every school and library and pretty much everything in the county is closed. I love days like this. Snow Day! And, thankfully, we didn't lose power.

I'm also glad we homeschool, because we kept the kids up past midnight yesterday watching American Idol and The Olympics and got to sleep in today. Now we're celebrating snow with mini French toasts with powdered sugar on top and hot cocoa. Snow Day!

Anyway, results.

They started all "Up With People," which I find dripping in mounds and mounds of cheese. You could tell lip-pierced, tattooed, be-dreaded Crystal Bowersox was hating it, though forcing a smile throughout. That wasn't uncomfortable to watch at all.

But first, I've got some Idol rumors to tell you about:

1. Simon and Ellen don't get along. Or do they?
I think it's just rumors for ratings, but he does seem annoyed every time she speaks. Maybe it's her lack of knowledge and experience with the music industry?

2. Chris Golightly was told he'd be in the Top 24. He got cut and Tim Urban was put in his place (but, for fun, didn't tell his family). Why did Chris get cut? For having a record contract already.

3. Remember Angela Martin? The girl who got cut from Hollywood not one, not two, but three years in a row? The one who tried out the first time to give her daughter, who has severe disabilities, a better life? The one whose dad was killed the first time she went to Hollywood? The one who had to leave Hollywood the second time because of a traffic violation she and her family couldn't afford to pay so she had to serve 6 days in prison? The one whose mom went missing after her most recent (and last) time to try to get on the show? She is now too old to try out again. It was pretty emotional to see her get cut again. She is SUCH a poised and gracious girl. But Ellen and Kara are teaming up to give her an amazing opportunity.

Back to the show. 4 people got booted. I predicted 3 correctly.

What's really rough about these shows is that since they stunk at their song and got booted, they are invited to sing their stinky song again and we are invited to hear it again.

At least they mixed it up by letting us hear a genuine rocker girl from this past season - we really like Alison Iraheta! And we got to hear a great cover of "Let It Be" from Kris Allen.

Booted contestant #1 (that I predicted) - Janell Wheeler, whose rendition of "What About Love" was so pageanty, syrupy sweet that it made it very awkward to listen to. That is a rock ballad. People like Alison sing rock ballads. Janell sang it like she was Heidi in the mountaintops. Her performance juxtaposed with Alison's was illuminating -- Miss Sweetheart Idol vs. True Rocker Chick.

Booted contestant #2 (that I predicted handily) - Ashley Rodriguez, who laid on the little shruggy, flirty, annoyed attitude so she wouldn't cry, because, you know, she was going to sing that awful performance. Again.

Kieran, dim the lights! I wonder if Kieran has another job in the summer.

Booted contestant #3 (that I predicted) - Joe Muñoz, who seems sweet, but I still don't understand him when he sings.

Booted contestant #4 (that I did NOT predict) - Tyler Grady, who . . . what?? Argh. Stupid judges. I liked him. He actually sang well, too. Mumble grumble. Oh well, I'm not that invested yet, so I'm only mildly annoyed. There were others more deserving and I would have liked to see more of Tyler (and yes, his 70s ways!), but oh well.

I forgot to bet $. I should have. I would've made something on 3 out of 4 of these. It'd be like old-fashioned betting on horses. Only not.

I agree with Ellen. They're nervous. This week, cut them a break. Next week, time to step it up.


Jimmy said...

I didn't care for Kris Allen's "Let It Be." It got boring. And his mouth gets all distorted when he sings.

The Rodriquez girl was pretty. I hated to see her go. I mean Bowersox sings good, but her look needs some work.

Yes I'm shallow like that.

Vivian said...

I haven't seen the 12 guys show nor the results show, so I didn't want to read your blog yet. But like a moth to the flame. . .Oh well, I'll still watch to see if I agree:)

Dr. Mark said...

Why do they continue to subject us to these swan songs? In most cases, isn't the fact that they sang it poorly the reason they are getting the boot anyway? I don't really have a better suggestion, though. Just complaints. I usually like cheese, but in a sandwich.

Boquinha said...

Jimmy, if you were a girl and about 25 years younger, you would find it endearing. :)

Vivian, I can hardly wait to hear what you think!

Mark, me, too. Or on Mexican food. Speaking of, Mexican tomorrow night? It's been sounding good . . .

Dr. Mark said...

Menu planning via blog comments. When did we get to be so sad? ;)

J Fo said...

Haha! I was totally laughing about Bowersox's fake, pasted on smile in that awkward song! I liked seeing Alison and Chris and I actually really liked his rendition of the song. I HATE that they make them sing their songs again. We already know that they're bad, why make us listen again?! Good thing for dvr! If you bet, let me know and I'll chip in!

Boquinha said...

You know, I tried to research it just to learn about it at least and I don't understand ANYTHING I'm looking at. But I'll let you know! ;) Wouldn't that be a story?

Boquinha said...

Oh and Mark, I thought the same thing as I typed my comment to you!! Let's scratch Mexican anyway. Seafood fest? Love you!

Vivian said...

I finally watched the 'guys' show and the results show. I totally agree with your last statement: "They're nervous. This week, cut them a break. Next week, time to step it up." If I hadn't seen the auditions and Hollywood week, I wouldn't believe any of them should be in the top 12. I honestly can't say who I liked, only some were less lame than others. Thanks for the update on Angela. I hope this will be the break that turns her luck/life around.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I'm three episodes behind! I'll wait to read this.

Boquinha said...

April, quick! Catch up. Tonight, the madness all starts again!

Vivian, this line - "If I hadn't seen the auditions and Hollywood week, I wouldn't believe any of them should be in the top 12." Exactly. I totally agree (well, except for Andrew Garcia).