Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

Our dog just barked at our mailman. How cliché.

The kids got the stomach bug this past month.
Watching Mark, Thing 1 said to me,
"There are two things I'm looking for when I get married:
someone who's nice to me and we get along
and someone who will clean up throw up."

A couple of weeks ago while getting kids to bed, Mark tells the kids to be quiet and settle down.
Thing 2 justifies his before-bed craziness by responding,
"Well, it's good to have balance in life!"

My Dad's birthday is this Saturday. He would've been 75.

This time of year has been difficult for me the past few years.
I think it might be in part related to the above fact.

We love having a puppy. She can be naughty as all get out, but, MAN, is she cute!
And she gives us the best greetings.

Saw that movie about John Keats. Thought I'd really like it.
Not so much.

Saw "I Hate Valentine's Day" and enjoyed it.

I think George Clooney is rather dull.
He plays the same exact role in every movie he's in.

I've had the Portuguese culture on my mind for a while now.
I feel really lucky to have been raised bilingually
and in a culture that is so loving and family oriented.

I love that it focuses more on hard work, warmth,
loving interdependence, responsibility, and support
than on the more American way ("18 and you're out!")
of pushing/over-stressing independence.
Plus the food is awesome.

I think it would be super cool to live in Europe for part of the year.

I am SO HAPPY that Amazing Race *and* American Idol are both on right now.
It's like Christmas for me!

There is some serious, awesome female talent on Idol this year.

We've been watching old "Little House on the Prairie" episodes from the library.
Life was so hard back then.
But it was also soooooo simple and nice.

I got a flyer in the mail from a local hospital
about "midlife and menopause;"
I hope that wasn't targeted. I'm too young for that, right?


the emily said...

Hilarious about the dog. and the balance. and the menopause.

I feel like my dad should be Portuguese, because while we were encouraged (read: forced) to go to college, we weren't shoved out on our own and forced to be independent. He supported me all through college and even still supports me (as you can see from my multiple dad posts lately).

I'm so excited about Amazing Race too! Sooo good.

Jillo said...

Little House is totally the best. Life was better/worse for them and sometimes I wish then was now.

George Clooney DOES play the same guy in everything. Lame.

Can I come with you to Europe?

bythelbs said...

Yes, you're too young for that.

I love Little House. LOVE.

Thing 1 is so right about that throw up thing.

My mom's birthday is hard for me, too. What's worse is my dad's wife's birthday is the day before my mom's. I have a really hard time acknowledging her birthday. Think happy memories on Saturday.

Vivian said...

Excellent observations, Thing 1.
So glad Amazing Race is back. Too early to have favorites, but I know I don't like cattiness.
Lots of AI talent. I'm finding I like the unique/unusual voices more than the flat out beautiful voices.
I'll be thinking of you on Saturday.

Jimmy said...

I hope Saturday is filled with great memories of your dad.

Your kids give good advice.

J Fo said...

It IS good to have balance in life! I agree with M!

Emmy kind of greets Greg like a puppy when he gets home. It's all excitement and tackling and following him around all night. Love it!

Clooney is SO over-rated! It's all about Mr. Depp and Mr. Pitt for me. ;)

LOVE Amazing Race. I missed the first episode but caught a lot of it online.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Little House... I hope Megan will get into that with me one day :)

Zelia said...

Your dad sounds very portuguese. We, portuguese, care for our children wether they are small, married, divorced widowed its all the same. In my culture we all take care of each other until we die.
My sister got married at 27 and she lived at home until then. In fact we would be disowned if we left before marriage.
Another thing that my parents did and so do I, is, that our children come first in everything.
My Dad and my husband would have a cow or a coniption if ever he was served his food before us. We had to be satisfied first and given the best portion before they ate.
I love our culture and so do my children.
I was lucky that I paid for my children's education without remorgaging our home as some of Stacys, friends parents did.

Boquinha said...

That reminds me! Our high school was at least 50% Portuguese and probably much higher than that. The Portuguese people in MA/RI (especially our parents' generation) are known for being hard working and thrifty and for living simple lives and being smart with their money. Well, anyway, our valedictorian was 100% Portuguese, too, and her parents weren't UNwise with their money, but she went to Brown for her undergrad and then MIT for her Master's and PhD, so they took out a 2nd mortgage on their home to pay for all of that (plus she has a very smart little sister, too). But you better believe that those girls will be right there helping their parents if they ever need anything. While parents do look out for kids all they can, it also goes both ways. Everyone does what they can. It's really quite beautiful.

Boquinha said...

I'm so glad so many of us watch Amazing Race! And is it just me or is Phil kinda hot?

Jill, yes. :)

Oooh, lbs, that would be hard. Ugh. And thanks.

Vivian, I agree about the unique/unusual voices. I'm really excited about that. And thank you.

Jimmy, thanks. And I think so, too!

Jessica, AGREED on Mr. Depp!!

April, I hope so, too. Our kids are really enjoying it.

And you know who else is hot? Michael Landon. I'm really not one who even thinks much about hot Hollywood types, but this comment mentions 2. Oh well, whattaya gonna do?

terahreu said...

We need a retreat from the summer heat. Portugal is high on my list along with Spain and Thailand. A summer in Europe sounds so delicious!

terahreu said...

We need a retreat from the summer heat. Portugal is high on my list along with Spain and Thailand. A summer in Europe sounds so delicious!

Boquinha said...

Terah, Portugal is fabulous. I'll be watching your blog to see what you do!