Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You and Me

Okay, so I made 3 Valentines. Can you blame me? I have 3 wonderful people in my family and I feel like telling them how much I love them. I know the past two songs have been country. I am not a country music fan. I mean, it's okay when it's crossover, but I generally don't tune in to country. Those songs just have awesome lyrics and music (and aren't too twangy). This is more my speed. Kind of pop/alternative/funk/rock/jazz/folk (basically not usually country--though sometimes it's okay. Just not usually). Anyway . . .

I've been thinking about marriage.

I've been thinking about many of the little things I love about marriage.

I love that I can reach over and grab a bite (or five) off your plate.

I love talking about mundane, everyday things.

I love watching Jeopardy and making fun of Alex Trebek with you.

I love that we enjoy the same people.

I love quoting random shows with you.

I love that the same situations make us think of the same random show quotes.

I love that the same kind of people annoy us.

I love not thinking twice about singing along to the radio when I'm with you.
Every Lyric.

I love that this is my life!

I love making life decisions with you.

I love hanging out doing whatever we want.

I love that we're the bosses of us.

I love running errands with you.

I love doing projects with you.

I love lazing around with you.

You and Me?

We make a good You and Me.


Foltron said...

Surprised by your choice of a Plain White T's. I know you guys are old but this choice shows that you're still clinging to youth.

Dr. Mark said...

I love you, too. Thank you for this manic montage. I love it.

Watch the "old" comments, Greg. Aren't you entering the same decade in a couple of months?

Chelle said...

I just watched all three of your Valentine's and I loved them. There is no substitute for the happiness we feel because of our families! What great valentines Stacy. So much better than anything off those shelves at the store.

Jillo said...

Awww... happy Valentines day guys!

J Fo said...

Too cute! I love the song you chose and I think it just says you have good taste in music. Nothing to do with age!