Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 12 Girls

Finally American Idol has gotten to the point that I care to rehash what I've just seen, although I'm not quite as enthused as I will be when we have our final 12 finalists. This may explain why I don't have a whole lot to say this week. I was looking forward to tonight's show a little bit since I do think this is an unusually strong pool of female talent, but three contestants into the broadcast I wanted to double check that I was actually watching American Idol and not some other copycat talent show. As Randy would say, "It just wasn't that good, dude." By the end, though I was satisfied that there may be 6 decent female contestants in this group after the also-rans get eliminated.

OK, I have a question for everyone involved tonight:

Ryan: Who was behind the black plaid tie on black shirt wardrobe decision tonight?

Ellen: Are you just having the most fun you ever thought you could?

Randy: Can you build on the few really good comments you made and try to fill an entire show with insightful and useful comments?

Kara: Do you need someone to call you a b**** to make your evening complete?

Simon: Why do you look a little lost without Paula at your side?


Paige Miles: Why didn't I remember who you were before tonight and why can't I remember you now?

Ashley Rodriguez: Why are you still around?

Janell Wheeler: What happened to your guitar?

Lilly Scott: Did you know you were busking before Kara told you?

Katelyn Epperly: Could you BE wearing any more lipstick?

Haeley Vaughn: What did I do to deserve all the screaming at me?

Michelle Delamor: Do I need to take the time to remember you, or should I just wait to see if you've made it to the Final 12.

Didi Benami: Do you and Megan Joy have the same vocal coach?

Siobhan Magnus: Can you name any other Chris Isaak songs?

Crystal Bowersox: Did you know when Simon criticizes you like he did tonight, that means he likes you and thinks you could make him a lot of money?

Katy Stevens - Can you relax and keep it in tune next week?


: Ashley Rodriguez and Michelle Delamor


Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...

Deleted my previous comment because it had typos. But what I said was---

Ellen got on my nerves last night because she purposely bumbles words three or four times through out every sentence. It gets old.

I miss Paula. She claps funny.

Mom said...

Dr. Mark: Why do you torment me with questions I can't answer? (Just like when you were 3 :)

Boquinha said...

Why are our questions so alike? Oh, I know. It's that whole soulmate thing. :)

J Fo said...

It's hard because I like quite a few of them, but I don't LOVE anyone yet. I have to say that I Haeley's version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand." HATED. I think she should go home!

Boquinha said...

"I miss Paula. She claps funny." That got an audible laugh from me. :)