Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A myriad of thoughts

Because why just call it "Random Thoughts" all the time?
Variety is the spice of life.
And I'm centering it this time,
thereby restoring Shawn's equilibrium.


One of my favorite things about the Olympics
is listening to Scott Hamilton as we watch figure skating.
Every time he gets excited about a triple salchow,
I can't help but smile.


I'm glad there are commentators for figure skating,
because I really wouldn't have a clue otherwise.
Sometimes I say, "Oh that was good!"
And then the commentator says how bad it was.
It makes me feel ├╝ber smart, let me tell you.


Shaun White?
I like him.
So funny in interviews.


I wrote a Christmas Letter this past year.
We still haven't posted it.


Why do people talk about Simon Cowell being so good looking?
I don't see it.
Now let's talk about Phil from Amazing Race.
No contest.
Get it?


We really, really, really, really, really love having a puppy.
We're enjoying this even more than I thought we would.
By a lot. She is so much fun!


Our tax returns always go to the bank to pay bills.
We haven't ever splurged on something with them.
Does that make us boring?


Every night at dinnertime, we put Scout in the crate while we eat
(otherwise she begs at our legs constantly).
When we're done eating and on to cleaning up from dinner,
either Mark or I say, "Go ahead and let the dog out."
Inevitably, the other starts to chant,
"Who let the dogs out? Who! Who who who who!
Who let the dogs out!"
You're welcome.


Michael Landon on Little House?
Also hot.


In our effort to aggressively pay down student loan debt,
we've dropped our one splurge -- eating out (oh how we love food!).
It's almost March and we haven't eaten out.
We're also making meals using food in our freezer and pantry,
so we've also done very little grocery shopping.
This past week, we made a pot of soup
and ate it all week long for lunch.
Go us!


We did, however, order in pizza
to "celebrate" my Dad's birthday this past Saturday.
Is it me or have pizza sizes shrunk?
We ordered medium pizzas because of a deal.
They looked like what we used to call "small."
I think it's a total conspiracy.


We're starting a blog as well as a binder in our kitchen
to organize our recipes.
Because our current method involves
random pieces of paper in a pile
and looking up new recipes online
and random recipes written on napkins
(apparently sometimes twice).
Turns out?
Not so organized.
Or efficient.



Vivian said...

This may sound crazy, but one of the things I'm enjoying about the Olympics is the commercials. They are oh so much more clever/interesting/entertaining than the much over rated Super Bowl commercials. Love the "here's to the Moms" one.
I have heard Simon Cowell called many things, but never handsome. Who says so?
Gary and I went to Pizza Pirate last night. They have a fantastic salad bar. We were very surprised at how Large a medium was. Not only did we both have dinner, but now we both have lunch for today. Maybe independents have to serve larger sizes to compete with the chains--or they gave us the wrong pizza :)

bythelbs said...

You have a recipe blog??

I can't tell the difference between a triple salchow, a triple lutz (lux?), a triple axle (axel?) and a triple toe loop. But I do enjoy Scott Hamilton.

I have yet to meet a reality TV show host that does it for me. Although, I do enjoy Phil's accent.

We always say we're using our tax return for big splurges and bills that just pop up. Like, this is paying for our vacation and our furnace repair and our new carpet and our car tires and... It's quite amazing how a single tax return can pay for an entire year's worth of expenses.

the emily said...

I haven't watched one second of the olympics. not even one.

I agree, Phil is super cute. Love the accent. I kinda like Chris Harrison too.

Mmmmm. Pizza.

Our tax return will pay bills this year too. Sad. We did use our Bush stimulus money to go to Disneyland two years ago, and that was awesome.

Peg said...

When I was way young I use to pretend that I was Mrs. Michael Landon- I thought he was so handsome! Tax money is for spending but it always goes into savings.

J Fo said...

I was just thinking that I liked SCott Hamilton the other day! Seriously. Funny.

I really like Shaun White, too. Funny kid, but pretty quick witted and well spoken. He kind of reminds me of a red headed version of my little brother.

With our tax return we usually do one responsible thing and one fun thing. Pay bills, then get sweet new bedding. That's the plan this year.

Thanks a lot for getting that song in my head!

I want to see your recipe blog!

Jagged Rocks said...

I have to say that usually we don't get a tax refund, this is the first year since Kraig and I have been married that we are getting money back. It's going towards necessities.
I would love to see your recipe blog if you decide to do one!!

Jillo said...

It doesn't make you boring, it makes you an American. I can think of few tax seasons that we actually went crazy with our money instead of dumping it all on some bill.

Michael Landon....not hot. Total ball boob. All that man does is cry.

I haven't watched any Olympics this year AT ALL! Not normal for me, I am usually a total buff. Don't know why...

Jimmy said...

I can't bring myself to watch ice dancing no matter who is commenting.

Shawn said...

your post and my world is balanced. My Chi is pleased.

Dr. Mark said...

I found this video on NBC's Olympic site. It actually explains the jumps pretty well. Of course, I'll forget it all as soon as I close the window!


katie said...

I like having a dog, even if my husband doesn't. He won't go running with me, but the dog will.

For a long time we cut out eating out too...except for our weekly splurge for a $5 Little Ceasars pizza on Saturday night when I just couldn't bring myself to cook after cleaning the house. Too many chores in one day. It's not so bad if you dip the pizza in Ranch dressing (something my husband taught me). Mostly we still don't eat out, unless we are lucky enough that my parents or his invite us out. That is the best.

Stella said...

I think Michael Landon was my first crush.

terahreu said...

I don't get the Cowell fascination either? Really? At least find a guy who has a littler more variety in his closet. Does he only own two t-shirts?

I am also so behind on the Christmas letter. I think I give up.

I am also in dire need of a good recipe system. We eat Thai almost everyday because my books are handy in close. I am not complaining...

Boquinha said...

Vivian, I'm glad you told me that, because we usually fast forward commercials. After your comment, I saw one of the commercials as we fast forwarded it, so we went back to watch it. Very cute.

Lbs, soon. Soon. (And for everyone else who wants to see it, I'll try to remember to let you know . . . haven't started posting recipes yet).

Jill, seriously. Re-watch Little House. I'm telling you!

Mark, thanks for the link. Should I watch it now that skating is over?

Katie, we love it when our parents take us out to eat, too. Such a treat! I've also dipped pizza in sour cream. Yum. I love sour cream.

Ooooh, Terah, perhaps we should swap Christmas letters and recipes. :P