Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 Idols Left . . .

Well, it's the next day so that oughta tell you how busy we are. I mean, we haven't blogged about Idol yet. Seriously, where are our priorities?? This, together with my overloaded inbox, shows how crazy things have been around here.

But since we pretty much love blogging about this show, I want to say something. I do think, however, that Magistra said it best this week with this paragraph from her weekly post:

Next up was the LIVE! group song, which was much more in tune this week thanks to the absence of Lil Rounds. Matt Giraud kept throwing random riffs and falsettos into the performance wherever he felt like it. Kris Allen showed us that snapping and dancing are not two of his talents. And Adam and Danny received the biggest screams. During the performance of “I Got Rhythm” I found it interesting that Adam was not asked so sing one of the lines that included “I got my man/gal, who could ask for anything more.” I wonder whose decision that was.
What more can I say? Apparently, lots.

Let's start with the annual, not so surprising anymore, bottom 3 fake out. I really thought Adam was going to sit down and not choose. But I still admire how he handled it. Plus, I think it shows he hasn't been watching Idol all these years. He's been, you know, on stage.

But my biggest beef with the bottom 3 fake out is this . . . though they didn't specifically say what exact order they're all in, it stands to reason that Adam was probably in 3rd place. So technically he could've stood in either group and still have been right. If you're 3rd, you're both in the top 3 and the bottom 3. So, really, it was just a little "shocker" since it kind of really wasn't.

It's anyone's game at this point. It made sense for Matt to go. I've not ever seen such a great top 5. There's usually someone I can't stand at this point (and usually up to the top 2 or 3). But this year, that isn't the case. Lil left a week ago.

And that little bill? For $6,000? For that food fight they had? Seriously? I'd like to see the bill Dreamworks gets for the advertising for their new movie that Jaime Foxx slipped in before that commercial break. If maids cleaning cake are charging 6 grand, I can't even imagine what that cost.

And next week is rock week. Does it really matter anymore? Disco wasn't quite disco (thankfully). Jazz wasn't quite jazz (a bit of a bummer). Rock will be . . . what. I don't really care. Truth is, I've always liked theme weeks because the Idols have to find a way to sing a song that fits the genre while still making it their own and keeping it relevant. To a nerd like me, that's like Pi Day. I think it's great that it just doesn't matter. You know why? Because it means these Idols are they best they've had. They practically make us forget the theme because they're so good at making anything their own. This is the best Top 5 we've ever had. They usually have one or two stinkers in there by now, but not this year. You know, since Lil left.

I think next week is Adam's week. I'm expecting some serious Queen madness! (I hope you're reading, Greg!)


kristenhcubed said...

$6,000 to clean up some frosing and flour. Who the crap are they hiring? I'll take that job.

Shawn said...

I think Adam should break out a tune from Rocky Horror Picture Show. You know the one! Queen will do as well. Of course I'd also like to see if he can scream as good as Steve Tyler.

As for everyone else, they're really good. I'd like to see Allison do some Joan Jett or Pat Benetar. Kris, well, it will be interesting to see what he chooses. Southern rock? Some CCR or Skynard? Should be fun!!

Foltron said...

You sucked me in. Adam is no where near the level of Mr. Mercury. Adam singing Queen would only be good because it would confirm my current belief.

I haven't seen much of his performances but it seems like they are all the same just to a different tune. It doesn't matter what song he picks this week. I guarantee he'll start off with some over-dramatic entrance while giving his creepy, "I'm too sexy for my..." look into the camera. The lights will be turned off to set the mood. Intro will be quiet while he and the lights gradually work up to him belting out the last note while trying his best to keep his enormous tongue in his mouth. There might be a slight chance that he starts with the overdone More Than Words, "look at me, I'm so cool I'll start by sitting down because I really feel what the lyrics are portraying".

Just make sure you look at his eyes when the camera gives a nice close-up as he finishes the song. His eyes will say, "Don't you know that I was in Wicked? Of course you do. We all know that I'm way more talented than the rest of these chumps. If you don't believe me just wait until the judges shower me with praise for my awesomeness. Don't worry about voting for me because the judges and audience already voted 20 million times while I was signing. You should contact Amazon for the pre-sale of my album". Seriously, his eyes will say all of that while the camera is fixed on his too over the top make-up to be considered hetero.

Mr. Mercury was an entertainer. He never gave the feeling that he was better than the performance. Allowing Adam to sing anything other than "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy" would be a mockery. Go ahead and refresh yourself on the lyrics.

J Fo said...

I didn't know that someone's eyes could say so much! Wow, Greg. I'm interested to see how Slash does as a mentor next week. Should be interesting!

Zelia said...

I think it's funny that the food fight cost that much, especially as it was being filmed. Methinks that was staged so pay and be quiet. Adam on the bottom three could be also done for rate purposes. I don't trust any TV show. Ratings is the bottom line so stage away AI but don't expect me to believe it.

Boquinha said...

ROTFL, Kristen. No kidding.

Shawn, I think we've already seen that he CAN scream as well, if not better, than Steve Tyler! I agree re: Allison and Pat Benetar. Or Roxette. I've been in love with Kris's style since his "Falling Slowly" performance.

Greg, yay! Adam is the best we've had since the advent of Mr. Mercury!! Who, tell me, who else has even ever come close? But man oh man, you paint quite a picture. I'll so be watching see what he does and to see if it matches your description.

But one trick pony? I think not. Ring of fire? Mad World? Not even close to the same thing. Plus, I think Adam's got confidence but isn't at all arrogant. I don't see how his sexuality has jack to do with how he sings either.

Slash is the mentor? I wonder if they can only do Guns-N-Roses songs? This ought to be interesting . . .

Mom, totally staged. Though Gokey looked a little freaked out by the bill and Ryan didn't ever say, "Just Kidding" to make him feel any better. That's just mean.