Friday, April 10, 2009

Nerds R Us

We (we, Wii, wee) put up several sheets of paper on our kitchen wall. On each piece (peace, piece) of paper, we (we, Wii, wee) are (are, "r") listing homophones as we (we, Wii, wee) think of them. I (eye, I) am loving this since I (eye, I) am a total grammar nerd and think homophones are particularly fun.

Some (sum, some) of our conversations so (sew, so, sow) far this morning (mourning, morning) include:

Me, standing and writing some words: Hare! Hair!
Thing 1 laughs and shakes her head.
Daddy: And the truth is, Mommy could stand here all day doing this!

Me, a little later: ooooh! Wait! Weight!
Thing 1, considering: Ohhhhh! Wait like "Wait a minute" and weight like how heavy something is.
Me: Yep! Oh! It's! And its! Isn't this fun?!?!?!
Thing 1: You keep coming up with stuff when we're coming up with them!
Me: I'm just getting you going. I'll rein it in.
Thing 1: I don't think you can.

Thing 1: Maybe we can put a big piece of tape over your mouth that says, "Sorry, I'm not allowed to say any more homophones!"

I'm trying to restrain myself from writing rein and rain. Oooooh! And reign! I thought of it when I said I'd rein it in . . .


Jillo said...

I (eye aye) love this! What a great (grate) way (weigh, whey) to (too, two) teach your kids their (they're, there) homonymns. I think we must all (awl) pause (paws) for (fore, four) a (eh) moment and think how high (hie, heigh, hi) we want our children's minds to soar (sore.) Too (two, to) often the brain is a muscle (mussel) in need (knead)of more (moor) action. It will not (knot) do (dew) to (two, too) merely read (reed, rede) and write (wright,) we must (mussed) allow our children to see (sea) and do (dew, due.) The brain must (mussed) be (bee) allowed to (too, two) flex (flecks!) Knowledge must pour (pore, poor) and fill (Phil) every crack. To few (phew) are willing to (too, two) embrace the learning gene (jean.) I nod (gnawed) my head at your effort to make idle (idol, idyl) minds full of insight (incite.) May your (you're, yore) affect (effect) never err (air, are, e'er, ere, heir!)

J Fo said...


Chelle said...

I love this post and this great idea. I'm just annoyed with myself because I'm dying to be clever with a comment, but my brain is mush.

Shawn said...

If you're (your) counting names, then you (ewe) must (mussed) add (ad) Rhain (rain, rein, reign ) Wilson to (two, too) your (you're) list (listhe)!

Boquinha said...

Awesome comments. I'm so (sew, sow) impressed.

emily said...

HI-larious. seriously.

emily said...

how about steal and steel?