Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fweeha! A Tag!

Bythelbs did such a fun post that I asked for a letter assignment. The tag is “10 things you like that start with the letter _” and she was kind enough to assign me the letter F.

So, without further ado . . . here are 10 Things I Like That Start With “F”:

1. Family. This one is a total no brainer. My husband and kids are my absolute favorite people in the world. I am constantly, constantly, constantly amazed how lucky I am to have it so good.

2. Friends. A night out with friends once in a while does wonders for me. I love being able to laugh, play, or talk about deep stuff with my friends. And friends with whom you can do all three? Those are the best. And bloggy friends are pretty wonderful, too.

3. Food. Omigosh, I love good food. Notice the qualifier "good." Mac-n-cheese and anything made with disgusting marinara sauce does not count. But our seared tuna with wasabi butter sauce that we had for dinner yesterday? Yeah, that counts.

4. Fish. I love seafood. I love fish. Raw and rolled in seaweed with rice? Even better. Sushi is my favorite food.

5. Friends. This time I mean the TV show. I quote this show all the time. Ask anyone. It's amazing how many things I can relate to a clip of this show. Though this clip doesn't really relate to anything in particular, it's my favorite--David Schwimmer is awesome at slapstick and Joey is hilarious filling out the hospital form:

Wait, I love this scene, too. And I quote this one all the time:

Oh oh. And this one. LOVE when Phoebe goes all ballistic like this:

6. Foreign Films. I should get some kind of bonus for this one. Like in Scattegories. Because I used 2 Fs. But yeah, I like foreign films. I like the music. I like the simple story lines. I like the feel of the films. I like the cinematography. I like the gorgeous views they often have. I like the ambiguous endings. I even like the subtitles. One of my favorite things at BYU was the International Cinema. I have several favorites, most of them French (oooh, another F -- French Foreign Films). Here are some of them:

Jean de Flourette
Manon of the Spring
My Father's Glory
My Mother's Castle

7. Fromage. I love cheese, but especially the French variety. Brie and Camembert are two of my favorite soft, spreadable cheeses. They're particularly delectable with some good accompanying bread. Mmmmmm. My Dad used to eat cheese for dessert--he can do that; he's European. And he is the one who introduced Mark to Queijo Sao Jorge, Mark's favorite sharp cheese. Oh and I love goat cheese, too. Cheese. Cheese is good.

8. Freaks and Geeks. How in the world shows like Full House, Saved by the Bell, and Family Matters ever even air, let alone continue past one season while pure genius like Freaks and Geeks gets inexplicably dropped before it even completed one season is one of the greatest mysteries of the pop culture world. This show had brilliant writers and producers. Unfortunately, this show also had a lousy time slot and poor marketing. This show should've never been canceled. Never. Its cult following is huge (have you seen the show's ranking on and it is totally worth owning and watching again and again, especially if you're a child of the 70s and 80s. And that's coming from people who don't generally own a lot of movies or TV shows. This one is a gem. It's like "high school for the rest of us!" The selection of music on this show is nothing short of truly awesome. And every time we watch it (all 18 episodes, *sniff*), I swear I tear up a little at the thought that anyone could be so supremely stupid as to cancel this show. Seriously, that level of moronic ineptitude just makes me sad.

9. Firth, Colin. My dear Mr. Darcy. Oh man, I love Colin Firth! He is one of my favorite actors. His quiet delivery and easy manner make him unable to resist. I've enjoyed everything I've ever watched that has him in it. And when I look at his list on IMDB, I see there's so much I haven't yet seen (how exciting!). With a beard, without a beard, in a suit or just a loose white shirt, it doesn't much matter. There's a reason all women swoon over Mr. Darcy.

10. Feelings. I'm an ENFJ. I'm a person who feels deeply and makes decisions based on feelings and after much thought. I don't make major life decisions lightly. I delve deep. I genuinely feel for people, care about people. And I feel strongly and deeply about many things. And I'm learning how to handle this to help keep depression and anxiety at bay while also living authentically. This has been gruelingly difficult at times and incredibly empowering.

We have a really great book club (about 14 people, men and women) and at a recent meeting we were discussing a character in our book selection for that month. As we were talking about her perspective and approach to life, the Myers-Briggs personality test came up and we all started talking about our various scores on the test. One man in our group mentioned that he leans way more to logic than feelings. He went on to say that he doesn't ever feel really excited and sometimes he thinks he misses out on what that's like, but then he looks at the flip side--he doesn't ever feel very down and he's glad to avoid that.

I'm one of those he describes. I can feel so genuinely giddy and excited that I'm overflowing with happy energy. When I am with those I love, I know what it means to feel "love so much that it hurts." I love fiercely and passionately. But yes, the depths to which I can go have also at times been profoundly intense. My love runs deep. My spirituality is something I constantly hone and daily feel. Fear is scary to me. It's a blessing and a curse. However, I don't know that I'd trade it. It definitely has lead me into what I do professionally--counseling and teaching. I genuinely enjoy people and am totally charged by the energy I feel in both individual and group settings. And it contributes to who I am as a wife, mother, friend . . . I think it's part of why I love to think, to write, to read, to meditate, to live, to love.

Anyway, FUN post. Thanks, lbs! I won't tag anyone either, but if someone would like to do it, let me know in the comments and I'll assign you a letter, too! :)


J Fo said...

That was fun! It's always great to get more insight on good friends and a SIL, to boot. I very much agree with the food, family, friends #1, but I never got all that much into Friends #2. I mean, I enjoy it, but I'm not that familiar. (Kind of like Seinfield, uh-oh...admitting that might get me shunned by the Foleys!) I would LOVE to give me a good letter! And I think we should get Greg to do this one, too!

Boquinha said...

Well, Jess, if it's a toss-up between Friends and Freaks and Geeks, I'd say start with the latter, especially getting to know your senses of humor.

I'm so glad you're doing it, too! I hear you on Seinfeld. I like it okay but am not a huge fan either--that much shallowness with so few (any?) redemptive qualities in other characters gets old for me after a while. Seeing that Seinfeld won't be on your list, let's see what other S selections you can come up with. Your letter assignment is S!

I'd love for Greg to comment and I'll think of a good letter for him!

bythelbs said...

Fabulous job! Freaks and Geeks was awesome. The best shows always get unjustly and prematurely cancelled. It's a shame. A darn shame.

Love that first Friends clip. LOLing here. LOLing.

Rebecca said...

Oh how fun! Tag me! I wanna go next!

Dr. Mark said...

1. Thanks. We do have a pretty great family.
2. I love that you have friends who understand how you need to get out and have those interactions.
3. We do love food, don't we? And we still have leftovers for tonight.
4. Mmmm! Sushi.
5. Could we WATCH any more episodes?
6. We haven't read a movie in quite some time, have we?
7. In the absence of Queijo do Sao Jorge, the Irish Cheddar or Dubliner we have in the refrigerator are not bad replacements.
8. We haven't watched in a while. Maybe we need to get a viewing party together soon.
9. A versatile actor, to say the least.
10. I'm so glad you're a feeling person. It make our lives much richer as well.

OK, can I have a letter? And no X or Q or any obvious attempt at sabotague!

Boquinha said...

Oooooh, a letter for Rebecca . . . well you've had some choice "B" words recently (heheheheh), so let's see what you can do with B. Your letter is B!

Foltron said...

I'm a little offended by such hate towards Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, and Full House. There are millions of 20 and 30-somethings that developed into what they are now because of those shows. Uncle Joey would no be pleased with you. I won't even get into how much Urkel is hurt by your comments. To your comments I say, Good Day!

Boquinha said...

Mark, I think we should have a viewing party when Peter comes!

Okay, a letter for you . . . how about "H?" I don't know why, but I'm feeling H for you. Your letter is H!

Boquinha said...

Oh Greg, I love to push your buttons. And apparently I do it without even trying! Who knew that would be a sore point for you?

I'm so glad you're playing along, though. So since I *push* your buttons, let's give you the letter P! (Since J would be too obvious given your love for Jack Black. Oh! And Jessica, too!) . . . your letter is P!

Boquinha said...

And thanks, Lbs! This is fun! I've now reread yours like 3 times because I like it so much. You're so clever!

emily said...

Love Friends. When my sister Ellen visits she always wants to play the friends trivia game you gave us one year for Christmas. that show is just too funny.

Oooh, and Colin Firth. Ooooh.

can I have a letter?

Boquinha said...

Oh yay! This is so fun! I was hoping you'd ask, Emily. I'm thinking "T" for you given your recent Twilight-themed party. Your letter is T!

Jillo said...

Colin FIrth is indeed dreamy. And as Mr. Darcy he is even dreamier. Sigh....

I have Freaks and Geeks in my NetFlix queue right now. Totally excited to watch.

Is fromage cheese in another language? I am confused.

We love foreign films around here! We like them because they don't move at the insane "keep the American's attention" pace. And they aren't afraid to throw in some totally random ending to keep you guessing.

I wanna play? Can I have a letter?

Shawn said...

Do I dare?
For some reason, when I think about this whole letter concept, I can't get Sesame Street out of my head. "The letter of the day is __" or "Today's episode was brought to you by the letter ___ and the number ___"
So go ahead. Give me a good one!

By the way, the last Word Verification that I was given (you know, the box below this comment box where we fill in the distorted word) was flucke. Somebody better watch it!

Boquinha said...

Oh yay! Jill, you have to tell me what you think!! Fromage is cheese in French. And go figure that we both like foreign flicks. Okay, a letter for Jill . . . how about W? Mark's suggestion--blame or thank him. Your letter is W!

Boquinha said...

Okay, Shawn, today's episode was brought to you by the letter D. Your letter is D!

Jillo said...

W? Really? Okay, prepare to be amazed at my cleverness.

Lindsay said...

Freaks and Geeks...Sigh! I loved the show so much. I watched it religiously. I would like a letter dear SIL of mine.

Boquinha said...

All right, Linds, how about we recognize your impending motherhood with the letter M? Your letter is M!

D'Arcy said...

Firth, Colin!!!

Absolutely! Ha! That was awesome!!!