Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's been too cold for too long.
Today hit 93.
I don't want to complain because I'm mostly sick of the cold.
And I prefer heat to cold.
But geez, it's April, you know?


After cleaning up from the Harry Potter party, we were exhausted.
We grabbed a bite at a new diner in town.
I had my hair up.
The teenage waiter was awkwardly cute when he told me,
"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Sarah Palin?"
And then he said, "Oh, I hope I didn't offend you.
I don't know who you voted for.
I don't like what she stands for or anything,
but she's, you know, pretty."
I choose to take that as a compliment, I guess.
Though I don't think I look like Sarah Palin.
Or Tina Fey.


Yeeha! The Idols are singing two songs each this week!
And they're choosing Rat Pack Standards!
It's like Christmas in April (even if it's 93 degrees)--I'm so excited!!


Dan Brown's new, much anticipated book is coming out this fall.
I LOVE the DaVinci Code.
This one is about Masons and it's another Robert Langdon story.
We've been waiting for this one.
We're pretty pumped.


We host a book club.
We have 14 members, male and female.
We love it.
We read cool books
and we eat foods that go along with whatever book we've read.
It's both a literary and literal feast.


Mark and I got the movie Doubt from the Redbox.
I really enjoyed it.
Excellent camera angles.
Cool themes.
Very thought provoking.
Superbly acted.
Ambiguous ending.
Had a foreign film feel.
Loved it.
No wonder it was nominated for 5 Academy Awards. Brilliant.


I thought this was cool if a bit cheesy in parts.
Mostly, I liked it and smiled the whole time.
And cried.
It's very sweet.
Watch it.
You won't be disappointed.


Thing 2 told me this past week,
"You are awesomer than Adam."
As in Lambert.
He's a big fan,
so that's a mighty big compliment.



J Fo said...

I think that Palin thing is hilarious! It's funny especially knowing your political views. Anyone with dark hair and thick-rimmed glasses watch out!

We just watched Doubt, too. I thought is was so well done. Very artistic and intelligent to leave you with "Doubts."

Yay for more Robert Langdon! I can't wait!

emily said...

LOVE the Palin comment. Awesome.

These are more my kinda random thoughts. Nice work. :)

Snowing here tomorrow (in the mountains). Heater is on. I'll take 93 any day.

I didn't like the da Vinci Code. I haven't read anything else by Dan Brown, maybe I'll check it out.

Jillo said...

I didn't know another Robert Langdon book is coming out. Hooray!

These random thoughts are so fun. I love them. I may have to steal it and do a few on my blog too.

92! That is really hot! It is almost worse when you go from winter to summer and spring gets left behind. Lets hope for some nice 70 degree days.