Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Caw! Caw!


I've got the Hallelujah Chorus ringing in my head. And it's so totally appropriate. It's about freaking time that Megan goes home. And tonight was so off-the-charts uncomfortable that I might've cried if she hadn't left.

What was with the weird dancing and freaky facial expressions and the squawking and the flying?? Is she cracking up?? I'm not sure what other explanation there could be at this point.

She looked almost glad to go. After her little episode of mouthing off to the judges, I was so turned off. After she got booted, when she said she had some things to say, I thought she might just say, "See ya, suckahs!" and invoke the federal broadcast 2-second delay safety mechanism with a hand gesture.

She's ready to go home to her baby. I'm wondering if she might give Alexis, who looked none too pleased to be in the audience, her spot on the tour.

Tonight was WILDLY uncomfortable. From Ryan's manhandling of Scott (again) to the HORRIBLE lip synching to the matching dog tags (what's that about?) to the mics picking up everything the contests were saying and doing to that Lady Gaga performance to the close up on Lady's zipper eye patch to Megan mouthing off to the judges to Megan making weird faces to Megan thinking she's a bird to Megan's swan song (Ha! I get it!).

There were some bright spots:

* Matt's save
* David Cook's performance and award
* The contestants' camaraderie
* Anoop showing some humility
* The dramatic intro to the show to recap yesterday's performances (MAJOR improvement to Ryan's voice overs, Idol Producers)

And I'm left with questions:

Allison should NOT be in the bottom 3. What is with America? Why has she been there twice? She needed to switch places with Lil. On the 2nd time hearing it back, Lil was very, very off. Painfully so.

What other desserts does the Idol chef make?

Was Scott really playing the piano or was that fake, too, like the singing?

What about the guy with the guitar?

Is Kara going to hate that her little "Boo" routine showed that her arms could use some toning? (I'm one to talk. We could all take lessons from Michelle Obama on the arms).

Could Kris's teeny bopper fans scream any louder?

Why don't we ever see these Ford commercials on TV?

Does Paula really think they all have the same potential as Adam?

How'd they get those bubbles in the piano?

Can she zip that patch shut if she doesn't want to look at something with that eye?

Was she dressed in a party ribbon or metal casings?

Who the heck is she?

(Loved the violin dude with the awesome dreadlocks, though).


Dr. Mark said...

I'll provide the answers . . .

Some people must not like red hair, or Danny Gokey impersonations.

He also apparently makes Rum balls, all of which Megan ate before the show.

That wasn't even Scott. It was Ryan dressed as Scott.

The guitarist was actually a hologram.

Sometimes I wonder if Kara is even aware of what she's doing in the first place. She's kind of a spaz.

That's actually only one Kris fan--she's just really loud.

They don't want to imply that they are actually selling the Idols.

Paula thought they were talking about the potential to eat their weight in Rum balls. And she was specifically thinking of Megan.

There's a guy in there with a bottle of Magic Bubbles.

Actually, the zipper ripped off her pants when she tried to pull them over her head this morning. It's now stuck on her eyelash. I would have liked one of those patches during her performance, though.

New Year's streamers.

Megan's long lost sister. The talented one of the two.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Ha ha. I agree with your comments on Alyson and Anoop. Loved seeing some humility in Anoop. Alyson is awesome.

Rebecca said...

We both agreed that Megan acted a little drunk/high. Even Jake said, "look she's a bird". So glad she's gone!! I will miss her for a little comic relief though.

J Fo said...

Sadly, it really was time for Megan to go. I had to root for her a little because she's a fellow Utahn, but enough is enough. I agree. I agree with all of Mark's answers. Yuck to Lady Ga Ga. Can't stand her. She's like a odd robot.

Chelle said...

I didn't see either one of the shows this week, so your post made me curious. Luckily, I found a pretty hilarious recap at that made me laugh out loud. I even called Jared into the room and he laughed out loud too. See if you can find it if you want a laugh yourself.

I was super uncomfortable just watching a short recap of Megan. I'm confused about her.

Boquinha said...

Awesome answers, Sweetie.

"Look, she's a bird" indeed.

Slowly, they're getting rid of the drivel and the stars are shining more brightly. Next up to go? Lil.