Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And then there were . . . (Spoilers)

. . . 7. I love Matt and am glad they used the save. However, he wasn't good tonight and I knew he wouldn't be for three reasons:

1. No piano
2. He doesn't do well under pressure
3. Um, hello?!

I hate to be cynical and jaded, but I think it's a ratings ploy. I really do. Next week, he (or Anoop) and Lil will leave and the cream of the crop will remain and we'll sit back and watch the order to see who will battle Adam and lose the finale.

Miley Cyrus? Abysmal. Horrible. Indulgent Rubbish! She, no kidding, made me long for Megan Joy, so that says something. At least if someone is going to sound horrible, they may as well entertain, rather than bore me. Blech, it was awful. She sang through her nose and I didn't understand half of what she said. I think she was climbing something?

I'm glad they didn't put 2 groups of 3 up there and have the 7th person choose which one to join. Maybe it's because the bottom 3 were so obvious. Or the top 3. Either way.

Jennifer Hudson was great. I enjoyed that.

The Ford commercial was cute.

The female judges seemed high.

Biggest shock of the night was Adam saying he liked the cheerleaders in the movie.

Disco next week. I hate disco. And yet, I can hardly wait to see what Adam will do. LOVE Adam.


Dr. Mark said...

As I saw it, the judges really had to use the save this week. If they didn't use it tonight they would have to use it next week regardless of who was last, so why not use it now when they still have a choice. Ultimately it's not going to change a whole heck of a lot anyway--Matt and Lil are in the most trouble. And I would have preferred Hannah Montana. She sings way better than Miley Cyrus.

Jimmy said...

I have 5 daughters, ages 2 to 11.

Forgive me. I thought Miley rocked last night.


Swawaeve said...

Oh my gosh, Miley Cyrus. I like her but I cannot stand her song "The climb" it drives me insane, because every time I hear it it get's stuck in my head (and geuss what I decided to watch last night right before I went to bed). Uggh.

Robynne said...

Having many kids of "Hannah Montana fan" age, I know the song "The Climb" very well and actually really like it - it's got a great message and on the CD her voice sounds really good! However on AI she was awful - her voice, the tone, the look, her actions, etc. I was cringing. It's too bad because like I said, that song is actually a good one and she can do it well!

Yeah, the finale should be interesting, or not interesting since it seems Adam has it far and away in the bag!! I guess it'll be interesting to see who he's up against?

Great post! :)

Robynne said...

P.S. **LOVE** the picture of your family that's on Mark's identity (or whatever it's called!!) ;)

J Fo said...

HA! You wishing for Megan Joy back is saying something!