Friday, April 10, 2009

Next Week's Theme

The top 7 theme is "Songs of the Cinema" (YAY!) with guest mentor Quentin Tarantino (URGH--he stunk it up so bad as a guest judge in the past). And Miley Cyrus (heaven help us) is singing on results night.

I'm so not excited about most of this. What do you bet Lil does something from The Bodyguard that she can't even sing?

BUT I can hardly wait to see what Adam will do! And Matt, too. And Allison. But not Lil. I'm bored with her now.


Foltron said...

You know Adam is doing something from Brokeback Mountain. Yeah I said it.

J Fo said...

HA! Greg, you're horrible! This should be a fun one, but I could do without Tarantino or Miley. I know that I'll just be fast forwarding through the results show!

Boquinha said...

Greg, the government is watching and they will track this down and it will go on your permanent record. And then when you're applying for jobs, they'll say, "Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Foltron. We saw what you wrote on April 10th of 2009 at 10:51 AM. You were both prejudiced and goofing around while working. As much as you'd fit in with many in politics, you may want to consider the private sector."

She paints quite a picture, doesn't she? :P (Name that episode reference).