Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And then there were 8

You know what? Scott wouldn't win this. He wouldn't be in the finale. He probably isn't even top 4 material. But by golly he deserves to outlast Lil. And was she dressed like the Epcot ball?

Argh. I'm so frustrated. I'm happy that Matt and Anoop are safe and that Allison finally didn't sit in the bottom 3. But Lil deserved to go. Now we have to watch more performances where she doesn't do what she's been advised to do and where she then gets well-deserved criticism from the judges and then she promises us that she'll do better next week. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

My only other thought about tonight's show is . . . did Pickler get a reversal of her breast augmentation? She looks much better. But she still can't sing. Scott sang better than she did.

Oh the injustice of it all. Every year there's one who lingers even when they can't sing. And when I hear them on the radio, I shake my head at the off-keyness (cough, Kimberley Locke, cough). So Lil joins the ranks of Kimberley Locke, Syesha Mercado, and the like. Sigh. I'd rather watch Scott quite frankly. Or Alexis Grace. Oh well.

Farewell, Piano Man.


Dr. Mark said...

It's hard to watch someone leave who I like, and yet I know he didn't have a chance to win this thing. Lil should have been gone. But that's just me stating the obvious, which seems to be obvious to too few people.

Maybe Lil will be gone next week, unless she finally delivers on her promise to America. Not likely.

Jimmy said...
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J Fo said...

I'm still mad about Alexis Grace. She should have been there longer than a LOT that are still there. Maybe I should move on, but I'm not sure I can...yet. But I will feel better once Lil is gone!

kristenhcubed said...

Okay, I could go into volumes here but I won't since I'm sure it would be unpopular (very un-PC)with someone and start a debate. I'll just say this. I love the Epcot comparison! What was with that shirt? You're right, Ms. third rate karaoke, can't do anything but scream, and has a big bubble butt needs to go.

Chelle said...

I haven't seen much American Idol this year, just bits and pieces here and there. So I don't have real strong opinions on many of the contestants yet, but after watching Tuesday's performances I'm relieved that Scott (is that his name?) is gone. He seemed like a really weak singer to me. I didn't like his tone quality, he was off pitch a lot, and he didn't appear to be up to the challenge. He's really better than Lil? I have a hard time believing that.

I've got to get me a way to record this stuff.

Boquinha said...

Rachelle, you must YouTube Adam!

Scott is a fairly weak singer comparatively, but so is Lil. She's got power in her voice, but she hits LOADS of sour notes and has no clue who she is (genre-wise). They did away with lip syncing this week. Now we know why they were doing it. YIKES! Lil is offffffff and can't sing well in groups. Good to know. I think it's wise that they got rid of the lip syncing. It's less cheesy and more real.

Chelle said...

Would you believe I don't know how to find a thing on YouTube? I suppose that would be a good way to tune into lots of stuff I miss.

What? They used to lip sync? Does everybody besides me on the planet know this already?

Lil...I did sense that the judges were frustrated with her inability to settle into a niche.

BTW, I've been meaning to send you an e-mail, but since it appears that I can only comment on blog posts for some reason...we have a contract on our house and they want us out by the end of May. So we'll be in Utah. Does that mean we get to see you sometime? I'm crossing my fingers, and just don't even answer me if the answer is no.

Boquinha said...

Just the first part of this season--they were lip syncing the group numbers. It was awful in that it was lip syncing and not live. Now it's awful in that it's live but not in tune. But I prefer the latter. It's telling. You can see how they perform in group numbers. And when it comes to Lil . . . yikes! Not good.

YAY on the contract for your house! We're trying to get to UT possibly in June and we'd love to see you guys!

Chelle said...

There you go making me laugh again. I've never been a fan of the group numbers. Every one I've ever seen makes it appear that all the contestants are huge wannabe's. I like your assessment...LOTS.

When you get the details of your trip figured out, let me know. Who knows where we'll be, but if we're in the vicinity we've got to hook up.