Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools and All That Jazz

The kids have been very excited about April Fools' Day this year. I don't know if it's the condoned fibbing or just the chance to prank everyone in sight, but they've been pumped. Stacy's been hard at work trying to come up with a number of tricks to play on them, and she came up with a few. In no way should you be surprised that they are mostly food related, with a little bathroom humor tossed in, you know, for the kids.

We don't have a picture of breakfast but we planted a few drops of food coloring in the cereal bowl so when the milk went in Thing 1 and 2 were staring down at red and blue Rice Krispies. They got a huge kick out of it and seeing that simple things got such a rise out of them was quite encouraging.

For dinner we decided to serve dessert, and when we told them we were having dessert for dinner, they got very excited. We did have a Caesar salad, too, because you need something healthy after all. Thing 2 licked his "frosting" and immediately made a face and said, "These are potatoes!" That's right--meatloaf cupcakes and mashed potato frosting. At first glance they were pretty convincing, too. Thing 2 took it all in stride, actually not minding about the trick because we had Caesar salad, his favorite. Thing 1, not surprisingly, enjoyed the meal since it was delicious.

Mmmm! Cupcakes!

Stacy took the kids out tonight since they had theater class. Stacy runs the class so she went, of course. I stayed behind to make some sushi and pretzels to enjoy during the American Idol results show. Of course, being April Fools' Day, the sushi was not all it seemed . . .

The picture online looked a bit neater

Those are Rice Krispie Treat sushi. You take gummy worms, wrap them in Rice Krispie Treats, slice them, and then wrap the whole thing in fruit leather. As Thing 2 would say, "The thing like Fruitabu that isn't real fruit and is full of sugar and artificial colors." Gee, what do we discuss around here at mealtime?! The "sushi" fooled Thing 1 for about half a second before she said, "Hey! What is that?!" She tells me they are quite good. I, however, couldn't imagine ingesting that much sugar in one bite and feeling good about myself afterward. The pretzels I mentioned were really pretzels. No trick. No prank. Just pretzels. Yum!

Thing 1 really wanted me to use the bathroom near the kitchen tonight. She kept telling me to go, as if I couldn't manage my own toilet schedule, but I figured there was another trick coming. Here's what I found in the bowl:

So things really DO live in the sewers and leave messages for me in my toilet!

She and her partner in crime, Stacy, left some messages in various toilets (apparently there is still one at large). Thing 2 ran into our office to use the bathroom. I hear him yell, " Who put this 'Who Goes There' thing in the toilet?" The girls put a few sheets of toilet paper in the toilet with that message on it. Thing 2 was thrilled that he was able to read it and I reminded him how much more fun life is when you can read. I thought that was a very clever message to send and a unique messenger. The "Don't Get Me Wet" was Thing 1's idea, all her own.

So, that was our April 1st. I think it lived up to the hype in our children's eyes, and in the end that's what matters. It was really cute to see and hear them all over the house today trying to come up with the next big prank. I'm sure Thing 1 is already making a list of tricks for next year. We'd better be prepared.


Boquinha said...

Omigosh, I'm so glad our toilets are clean for that picture.

Lindsay said...

That is fun! We did nothing! I was pretty much running around right after work, so there wasnt time to think of any pranks!

Chelle said...

Next year I'm asking you for some ideas. My girls were equally as excited about April Fool's Day, but I couldn't come up with many clever tricks to play. But like you said early on in your post, our kids were also overly pleased with simple pranks.

I can't decide which I like best...I'd say my favorite was the sushi, but then what about those awesome cupcakes? And I totally laughed out loud about the "who goes there" thing. Way to go on a great April Fool's Day!

Gary said...

You guys are so inventive and clever. The mash potato frosting on the meatloaf cupcakes was great. I would have loved to have seen Thing 2's face. Glad the 'fam had a fun day and night.

terahreu said...

So cute. I haven't thought about doing something like that to my kids! I am not inspired. Great ideas!!!

Boquinha said...

You guys are way too generous. I subscribe to "Family Fun" mailings and get the ideas from them! Our kids have been so excited for April Fool's and I've been somewhat blank as to what to do. So I found ideas online. :P

Oh the other one says, "The Joke's on Poo!" :)

Jillo said...

Awsome. Totally stealing the cupcake idea. That is great!